Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ten Minutes...Then Normal

Victor Zambrano: Slump Buster.

Weird, no?

I still believe the trade was terrible. I'll believe that until the cows, chickens, and rottweilers come home. But you've got to give Victor Zambrano all the credit in the world for facing a sweep in a tough ball park for pitchers, the same park where his shoulder went out last year...and coming up big when the Mets really needed him. And he even jump started the lineup for their big six-run fifth with, of all things, a bunt single! Crazy game this baseball.

As for the hate list, Carlos Beltran, as did the whole lineup, bounced back as they should for tonight's 9-3 win, so he's off the list. And I'll take Cameron off too because he didn't hurt the club tonight (he didn't play...I may hate, but I'm a teddy bear at heart, so Cameron comes off). And besides, his replacement hit his first two home runs of the season! (Well, his first two conventional home runs.) So, huttah (!) to you, Marlon Anderson!

And kudos to you, Ramon Castro, for your home run and three RBI's. I think I'm ready to forgive you for the Pittsburgh debacle.

Now for a set of four in the juice box against the Astros. They'll miss Koby Clemens' lunatic father in the series. Now don't get swept and cause Omar do make any rash decisions, whaddaya say?!?


What was with Marcos Carvajal peeking back at Castro getting set behind the plate? You're a pitcher! Don't peek!!!


How come every time there's a shot of the Rockies bullpen I think Steve Irwin is going to come out with a leopard from beyond those damn trees? Blimey!


Decaf Minky, decaf! It was a strike.


Only Danny Graves, who mopped up the last two innings, can make a seven run lead seem slim.


Lots of interesting former Met tidbits:

Mike Hampton goes back on the DL after he strains his back getting out of the hot tub that he was in to loosen up his back.

Kenny Rogers' appeal is denied...he now has to watch tape of his bases loaded walk to Andruw Jones over and over again for twenty games.

Jason Phillips allows Ryan Freel to steal off of him on Wednesday night...FIVE TIMES! If Pudge Rodriguez has a rifle for an arm, Jason Phillips has a super soaker.

Hideo Nomo is picked up by the Yankees, which means they have two former 1998 Mets in their rotation.

Speaking of which, I know Al Leiter started his career with the Yankees, but this looks weird.

James Baldwin got the save on Wednesday against the team that most recently released him.

Now if Mark Simon had a website named "Ex-Met walkoffs", these two Wednesday items would be for him:

Marco Scutaro walks off again. Tell me again who Marco Scutaro was released in favor of?

Jeromy Burnitz also walks off. He also got a pie in the face for his efforts. Burnitz claims he enjoyed the pie from Ryan Dempster, but if you saw him immediately walk off the field afterwards without finishing the interview, you would have thought differently.

It was Burnitz's second walk off RBI in the last three games.


metswalkoffs said...

Thanks again for another plug, Metstradamus...dunno if you caught it on sportscenter, but scutaro shares the MLB lead for walk-off hits in 2005 with 3...

Metstradamus said...

I did not catch that, thank you. That's three more than Kaz Matsui has.

metswalkoffs said...

also, thanks for the inspiration for what I wrote today...always good to get the idea machine rolling at 2:30am

Metstradamus said...

Happy to contribute...and great job as always. I can't, in good conscience, discuss walk-offs without referencing your website.