Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ramblings With Wolves

As a big fan of hate (as long as it's healthy there such a thing?) it's pleasing to see Andrew Hintz of Chuck and Duck get in touch with his deepest darkest feelings regarding Rafael Furcal. Andrew, just so you know, you're not over-reacting.


So Al Leiter looks like he's on his way to the desperate Yankees...and after I told a touching story about him and my brother sharing special moments at a charity event. Sometimes, life isn't fair.

Heck, Leiter might find that out the hard way when he starts against the Red Sox on Sunday.


Looks like Brian Daubach is the odd man out pending Doug Mientkiewicz's return. With Jose Offerman becoming Manny Mota all of a sudden, Daubach was expendable. But seeing that not a lot of teams have first base issues, Daubach may very well return to the Tides after his imminent designation for assignment.

Meanwhile, Royce Ring has been sent down and former Yankee Juan Padilla has been called up in his stead. This may be because Kaz Ishii, who is having his turn skipped in the rotation after the Braves series, is headed to the bullpen.

If you ask me, why bother? Ishii hasn't been an effective starter, so he's going to go to a new role? Ishii should be cut loose for his own good and Ring, who deserves to be a major leaguer, should be up. Hey, if the Yankees are that desperate for pitching, maybe the Mets can filp Ishii for...uh, for...

...I don't know, maybe the Yankees have an extra carton of hot dog buns they don't need.

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Metstradamus said...

Guys like Chipper and Rocker and Furcal make them easy to hate. Hate is healthy...I think more people should embrace it.