Saturday, July 30, 2005

Magic Wandy Kills Mets

This season is over unless Manny Ramirez is going to be in a Met uniform tomorrow night. And even then, this season may still be over.

These were the two games of the series that the Mets were supposed to win. Now that they're lost forever, maybe the Astros should sit Oswalt and Pettite in favor of the two little leaguers pictured here...we all know if the Mets aren't familiar with a pitcher, they're not going to hit him (or her)!

Yeah, Kris Benson was off tonight, but I'll say it again, for as many times as Benson has kept the Mets in the game through anemic offense and all, he deserved better. He did commit the cardinal sin of giving runs back immediately after the Mets scored in the 6th, but to get two runs in that ball park off of Wandy Rodriguez is inexcusable! Their offensive output during the last 5 games has been incomprehensible!!! And if this Manny Ramirez trade goes through, every hitter in this lineup along with hitting coach Rick Down will have the blood of Lastings Milledge and Yousmeiro Petit on their hands, for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will no longer be the Tampa Bay Devil Rays...they'll be the Binghamton Mets! For if only Beltran and company hit to their ability this road trip, then the Mets wouldn't even think about raping their farm system.

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