Monday, July 25, 2005

Things To Do In Denver When Your Team Is Dead

Great opportunity coming up starting tonight...the Mets have the 34-63 Rockies for a three game set, while the Nats and Braves go head to head. The Mets should gain on somebody if they take care of business and not play like...dogs.

Speaking of the Rockies, this is a squad has about a million games to make up in the increasingly putrid N.L. West. On top of that, they'll go the rest of the way without their best starter, Jason Jennings, who fell victim to a finger injury. Considering what former Rockies reliever Jay Witasick said recently, the Rockies are a team which should be pummeled this week, and pummeled mightily:

"In Colorado, the rebuilding came at the expense of winning...we were always anticipating a way we'd get beat."

Sounds like this group needs therapy, not a pitching coach.

Now also consider that their fans have a complex, as evidenced by this recent write-up about the prevailing feelings of the fan base.

Hey, at least the Avalanche come back in October. Could Clint Hurdle find some at bats for Peter Forsberg if the Avs buy him out?

Monday: Tom Glavine (7-7, 4.62 ERA) vs. Jose Acevedo (1-0, 3.92 ERA)
Tuesday: Kaz Ishii (3-8, 5.15 ERA) vs. Jeff Francis (8-7, 5.57 ERA)
Wednesday: Victor Zambrano (4-9, 3.86 ERA) vs. Jamey Wright (5-10, 5.30 ERA)

Mets career averages at Coors Field:

Cliff Floyd: .247/.310/.528 in 89 AB's
Mike Piazza: .388/.439/.735 in 170 AB's (A visitor's view of Piazza's Coors Field numbers)
Marlon Anderson: .424/.441/.515 in 33 AB's
Mike Cameron: .333/.467/.611 in 36 AB's
David Wright: .429/.429/.643 in 14 AB's
Carlos Beltran: .385/.467/.846 in 13 AB's
Jose Reyes has zero career ab's at Coors Field, but may be the key with his speed in spacious Coors, so Joker, Joker, and a triple!


Carlos Beltran would like to see the Mets make an acquisition before the deadline.


The Mets have reportedly been talking turkey regarding Alfonso Soriano...but the Rangers are also starting to showcase Adrian Gonzalez, who the Mets might (should?) also be looking at. Prospect for prospect?


St. John's reliever Craig Hansen has signed with the Red Sox. Will he grace the Sox pen before the end of the season?


erik love said...

O my god, Mestra reyes just hit a triple like you predicted. I will never doubt you power's again.(until next week that is)

Metstradamus said...

If I had predicted the Cliff Floyd triple I would have convinced you for life! (Either that or scared the bejesus out of you!)

erik love said...

If Carlo's Beltran doesn't make your hate list after his 0-4 performence at Coors, I'll never read this blog again!(or until next week)

Metstradamus said...

Sorry, already updated the list. My scope is on Tom Glavine right now for hate anyway. I'll give Beltran one more game before he's up for inclusion on the list.