Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is Leit(er) At The End Of His Tunnel?

The Florida Marlins designated former Met ace Al Leiter for assignment today, which could very well mean the end of his baseball career, and the beginning of his full time employment with FOX.

Brings to mind a great story that my brother tells me all the time, when Al Leiter was at a Big Brothers/Big Sisters function a few years back. My brother helped organize the event that Leiter graciously attended, and even wore his official Al Leiter jersey. So Leiter goes up to my brother and says, "hey that's a nice jersey", then upon further inspection notices it's a real one. Leiter then says to my brother: "Hey, this is the real deal...where did you get this?"

My brother replies: "Your locker."

Leiter loses it, and the two hit it off famously.

If this is indeed the end for Al, it certainly has been a great ride...on and off the field.


Anonymous said...

Leiter is a true good-guy ... remarkably normal and funny. Not to mention, all my boys were from the Bronx, so all they did was ask him how it felt to lose. Bastids!

And, if I recall correctly, we met him in '01 after a game in which he SMOKED two balls to the warning track! He cracked up when the PR person whipped out those highlights.

Nice, affable guy from Jersey, and I wish him the best with Fox.

Anonymous said...

... that is lose to the Yankees in the WS the previous year. I never heard so many Luis Sojo questions in my life.

It's okay though, I personally beat the snot out of all of them afterwards!


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Tip of the cap to Al, and let's put him on the fast track for a spot in the Mets Hall of Fame!