Wednesday, July 06, 2005


You beat our ace? We'll beat yours.

That's fair.

One question, is it possible to award the victory to Aaron Heilman? Two and 1/3 perfect innings deserves a pat on the back and a "star of the game" award if there was one for this site. I'll work on that.

Even though the Mets earned this 5-3 victory over Livan Hernandez, they're gosh darn lucky that they didn't run themselves into a loss. After Ramon Castro's two run single in the sixth to give the Mets a 4-3 lead, the throw from left field hit David Wright and scooted away. This was where David Wright got too smart for his own good. He noticed the ball hit him so he popped up out of his slide and waved the runners over. Problem was, Marlon Anderson didn't move (he was too hesitant rounding second), and Castro did. And what Wright didn't see was Hernandez nearby making a heads up play and picking up the errant throw to nail Castro off of first. Then Anderson got doubled off second on a liner to right and I got this bad feeling that even though the Mets had the lead, that they just lost the game. But Heilman bailed them out with his excellent, and much needed relief performance.

And it's nice to know that Braden Looper can count to three without throwing in letters like H and BB.


Item: Marlins defeat Brewers in 12 innings, 5-4: Here's the strange stat...after a J.J. Hardy single in the third, Marlins pitchers (including starter A.J. Burnett, who had 14 K's in six innings) retired, get this, 28 straight Brewer batters, and struck out 22 of those batters. Holy schnike! If one pitcher does that from innings 1-9 he gets automatic induction into Cooperstown!

Item: Derek Jeter loses fan vote to Scott Podsednik for last AL all star spot: Strike three! Or was it a foul tip? With FOX featuring Jeter prominently in their all star spots (not to mention Jeanne Zelasko having a HUGE crush on him), you know the first A.L. injury spot goes to Jeter. I remember when FOX pulled the biggest load of bush league crap when Barry Zito made the team in 2002, only to have that decision reversed to get Roger Clemens in the game, who had similar mediocre numbers as the defending Cy Young award winning Zito, but since Clemens was in all the commercials, FOX used their pull to get him in. I'm surprised that every employee of Rupert Murdoch wasn't pulling all-nighters voting Jeter...Jeter...Jeter...Jeter...all week long. So Jeter loses the fan vote, the player vote, the manager vote, and the second fan vote. But he'll get FOX's vote...especially as Kenny Rogers will probably back himself out due to his overall stupidity. Coincidence...or conspiracy?


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Seeing Jeter lose out -- to a former lowly Brewer -- warmed my heart. It was a good day indeed!

Anonymous said...

I fear you are right about the Jester getting into the All Star Game. What a crock! FOX would look foolish to have him in the promos and NOT have him at the game as a player. I am soo sick and tired of his smug little smile and his fist pump. Screw the Yankees. (BTW I voted at least 20 times for Scott Posednik online, which arrogant Yankee fans obviously did not do for their boy)

Metstradamus said...

It's not like Jeter's having a bad season either so him getting in eventually wouldn't be a travesty, but don't forget, Matt Clement is 10-2 and Terry Francona's the manager of the All Star team, so one would think if Kenny Rogers begged out, Francona would take a pitcher anyway.

Hey, Joe Torre always said, "if you don't want 7 Yankees on the All Star team, beat us before we get to the World Series." So anyone that faults Francona if he doesn't take Jeter is looking at it through Yankee colored glasses.