Friday, July 01, 2005

Pass The Tartar Sauce

Take a good look tonight as former Mets prospect A.J. Burnett takes the hill at Shea...if the many rumors prove fruitful, it will be one of the last times you'll see Burnett in a Marlins uniform. As Tim Kurkjian mused on SportsCenter, the Marlins don't have a new ballpark, and Burnett will probably ask for ten million bucks to start with next season. Kurkjian also said that the team that trades for him has to sign him long term or the deal isn't happening.

Rumors that have creeped up include Burnett to the Orioles for a package that includes Hayden Penn, and to the Yankees with Juan Encarnacion for Gary Sheffield (you still believe that it was the Mets who initiated trade discussions concerning Sheffield?) In my mind Burnett would fit perfectly at Shea pitching behind Pedro Martinez, but with Benson pitching well and Jae Seo/Aaron Heilman poised and ready to take over for Kaz Ishii, it's highly unlikely that the Mets will use their other minor league chips to shore up the rotation.

Friday: A.J. Burnett (5-5, 3.14 ERA) vs. Tom Glavine (5-7, 4.93 ERA)
Saturday: Brian Moehler (2-6, 3.05 ERA) vs. Kris Benson (6-2, 3.69 ERA)
Sunday: Dontrelle Willis (12-3, 2.04 ERA) vs. Victor Zambrano (4-6, 3.84 ERA)

Burnett pitched a complete game 5-2 victory back on April 17th against the Mets, and Glavine was the loser.

Moehler has the second lowest run support among starters in the major leagues. Benson meanwhile on average has received about 6 and 1/2 runs a game.

The Mets tagged Willis with one of his three losses as Kaz Ishii outdueled him on May 28th in a 6-1 Mets victory. The Marlins bullpen made that final score look worse than it actually was for Dontrelle.


Anonymous said...

Damn John, I was so scared to call you tonight. Thanks, Tom!

Metstradamus said...

Next time he calls and jinxes a game, I publish his picture.

Third time, I post his address.

It's tough love but...gotta support the team.

Anonymous said...

We're out of the basement! Woot!