Friday, July 08, 2005


Ken Rosenthal reports that the Nationals have worked out a trade for Mookie's kid, Preston Wilson. The Nats reportedly will part with pitcher Zach Day, and Zephyr outfielder J.J. Davis. The sticking points now are how much money the Nats will pick up off of Preston's contract, and whether Preston will waive his limited no-trade clause to go to Washington, which is one of the teams on Wilson's no trade list.

It took batting Carlos Baerga and Wil Cordero in the cleanup spot during the Mets series for the Nationals to move quicker on getting Wilson. In the big RFK outfield, Wilson is a huge upgrade over what they have now defensively. Brad Wilkerson can move to first base until Nick Johnson comes back, then to left field which would mean reduced time for Marlon Byrd. For Preston, I have to believe that the Nationals are on his no-trade list from the Expos days. Why wouldn't he go from one-million games out of the N.L. West, to the second best record in the National League? This is not good news for the N.L. East, from the Braves on down, if for no other reason than it shows that the Nationals have the capability and the permission to add payroll.

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