Thursday, July 14, 2005

Scobie Snacks

Jason Scobie, from the same Norfolk Tides that gave you 33 year old Brian Daubach, 36 year old Jose Offerman, and 38 year old Gerald Williams (and coming soon, 40 year old Benito Santiago), started the AAA All-Star extravaganza on Wednesday night. Here is his line:

1 IP, 4 hits, 5 earned runs, 2 walks, 0 K's, and an ERA of 45.00.

Tides Juan Padilla fared a little better, going unscathed in the seventh inning of the game while throwing a wild pitch. Speaking of Rick Vaughn, didn't Padilla wear those "Wild Thing" glasses in his time with the Yankees? Padilla went sans glasses tonight. Could he be a contacts man now?

And now that I've finally seen Conor Jackson of the Tucson Sidewinders play I have one question...what truckload of players do the Mets have to give up to nab him to play first base at Shea? I'd be willing to include Anna Benson in that deal, but only if the Mets get Nicole Watson in return.

And speaking of Watson, what did I miss that ESPN's Gary Miller basically did a Barbara Walters type interview with her that spanned a commercial break? Yeah, her husband Matt plays for the host team and he hit a homer, but goodness Nicole got more air time than Larry King tonight!


So it's official, the Nats traded for former Met Preston Wilson today. They also signed former Met horror show Mike Stanton. Couldn't the Nationals have just signed this guy? He's also lefthanded, and he's about as effective at this point!


Finally, Gerald Williams has been recalled, sent down, released, re-signed, reassigned, and recalled again by the Mets...all since the NHL last played a game.

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