Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Importance Of Being Pedro

Even Mets' wins are enough to sober you up. Today's 6-1 victory makes you wonder...where would the Mets be without Pedro Martinez?

Pedro is ran his record to 10-3, and he was in line for three other victories before the bullpen blew it. Factor that in with the Mets current overall record of 44-44, and now replace Pedro in your mind with say...Al Leiter. For that alone, Martinez should be at least considered for N.L. MVP.

There is a feeling out there that the Mets are required to be buyers to take advantage of Pedro's time in a Met uniform. I say that Pedro being here should bring about the opposite. Sure, you can't count on Martinez being this good at 37. But you know what? No one counted on Martinez being this good this year. So just from that, anything is possible. But here is the question you must ask yourself: Who do you want to surround Pedro Martinez with in 2008? Do you want to surround him with a roster full of 25-28 year olds just entering their prime? Or do you want to surround him with, say, this season's San Francisco Giants, who have an average age of 142?

But let's talk Pedro being good in 2006. I wouldn't say that's a reach, no? Who will definitely be around to provide support? I have mused the following names: Beltran, Floyd, Cameron, Wright, Reyes, Ring, Benson, Heilman, and maybe Heath Bell being players that can contribute to the Mets success in 2006. Everybody else can be put in the category of being too aged to make a major impact, or having too good a trade value to keep around. I don't put Cameron in the latter category because his defense is too valuable to let go...unless Victor Diaz proves himself ready to handle the everyday duties, which he hasn't proved quite yet. I say, anyone who can contribute for the rest of the year and not beyond, or those who have value which will never be as high as it is right now should be offered for whatever prospects can be had. It would be the biggest favor that can be done for Pedro. Certainly bigger than dropping two of three to the Pirates.

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