Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Dayn Perry has listed 5 trades that he feels need to happen. An interesting name pops up:

"If the rumors are any guide, the Mets want to upgrade at second base before doing anything else. That would be a misplay on the part of GM Omar Minaya. The injury to grossly ineffective second baseman Kaz Matsui was actually a boon to the Mets. It gets Matsui off the field, and the Mets have plenty of internal options to replace him: Miguel Cairo, Marlon Anderson and Chris Woodward on the 25-man roster and Victor Diaz and Anderson Hernandez in the minors. As for first base, the Mets have been making do with the likes of Doug Mienkiewicz and Jose Offerman. Not surprisingly, they haven't provided adequate production by first base standards. Shea is a brutal park for right-handed power hitters, but so is Safeco, where Sexson is slugging .512 on the season. On the road this year, Sexson is hitting a robust .302 AVG/.407 OBP/.581 SLG. From Seattle's perspective, they get a mid-grade prospect or two out of the deal and get out from under the $40 million or so remaining on Sexson's contract."

Didn't it seem like long long ago that Richie Sexson's name was linked to the Mets when he was a free agent? This name has not come up before during these in-season hot stove discussions, but it's interesting. Richie Sexson could be one of those low risk high reward guys that could come rather cheaply in terms of least in relation to the Alfonso Soriano rumors. Even his overall numbers (with Safeco stats thrown in) are impressive: 24 HR's, 77 RBI's, .360 OBP and .541 SLG. The question would be: Sexson has about $45 million left on his deal which runs out after the 2008 season. Would the Mets be willing to eat that money? They had better if they don't want to give up grade A prospects for him. I wonder what the Mariners would ask for Sexson...

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