Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Value Of The Chateau Bow-Wow

If Ryan Church is doing something behind the scenes that has him in Snoop Manuel's Dogg House like ... say, burning Snoop's library of Nancy Drew mysteries, then far be it from me to scream about it. All I know is that he's the one losing at-bats so that Gary Sheffield, Jeremy Reed, and Fernando Tatis can all get at-bats. And that, along with the litany of things that have been said about Church, and the fact that Wily Mo Pena, Rob Mackowiak, and John Cangelosi seem to have a better chance of getting at-bats than Church, tells me that he's in some sort of disfavor. Actions speak louder than words, and Ryan Church on the bench against a right-hander while Carlos Delgado is on the cliff contemplating a dive into the disabled list, speaks volumes. I would think that in the same way we're all worried about keeping Sheffield sharp with at-bats, I would think that Church would have a better chance getting out of his current slump with regular at-bats. But nobody pays me to think.

I only ask this: If you're going to trade him, which is more apparent with each passing day, can we not wait until his value is such that the best you can get back for him is the third season of The Sopranos on used DVD, a half eaten tuna fish sandwich, and Roberto Hernandez? The Mets seem to be experts at selling low. Let's not have that happen this time 'round. Okay?

In other news, the Mets won on Tuesday in the tenth after tying the game in the ninth off Mike Gonzalez. Maybe Gonzalez will stop rocking like he's Ed Norton doing the hucklebuckle. And many thanks to Jeff Bennett for his spot on impression of Sean Green's impression of Kenny Rogers. It made the kids laugh. All that were missing were the balloon animals.

Speaking of animals, how is Oliver Perez's rehab going?

Oh, there he is. Dog races are the order of the day. Bored with attending basketball games, Oliver Perez decided to mentor Golden Earring and entered him in some races in Florida. He monitored the dog's diet and made sure his mechanics were always pointed forward. The result:

Good news, as the coaching that Golden Earring received from Oliver paid off with a blue ribbon. The bad news? Well, without the coaching of Dan Warthen, Perez put back on the pounds he had lost after the World Baseball Classic.

Where will Oliver wind up tomorrow during his "rehab"? I can't wait to find out.


Anonymous said...

Ryan church is going to be this years version of X-Nady....

If fan outrage can get the Mets management from removing DOc's autograph, can we, as fans, start some gras roots campaign to FREE CHURCH???

number15 said...

apparently val pascucci is starting in right today...

kjs said...

Moral: Don't get traded to a Jewish-owned ballteam and question if Jews are doomed to hell if they don't accept Jesus in their hearts...or maybe learn to hit lefties with some power?

Deb said...

Hey....don't *f* with Nancy Drew, yo, Metstra... hee hee hee *smile.*

In fact, Snoop Manuel could learn a lot from her, including simple common sense, proper use of the English language, how to deal with the subject of church *snicker, pun intended* and various other assorted and sundry useful skills.

But enough of that. I totally agree that I am at a loss to understand why this team has f'd with Church pretty much since the day he came here and definitely since the day he received his first injury last year. For my money, they haven't been fair or kind or even human or sensible with him since day one, period.

In fact, I'm not sure I even understand why they got him. Were they that anxious to rid themselves of LMillz? *sigh* Typical Mets lateral or semi-lateral move, all sound and fury, signifying, well, you know the drill - signifying nothing.

Speaking of SnoopMan, seldom have I heard less intelligent and indeed less intelligible gobbledygook since the days of Casey Stengel, and at least, he was funny, he was old, and he was at least partially if not mostly a put-on, only you were in on the joke with him. In the case of SnoopMannyMan, it ain't so. What comes across is unintelligent random gibberish unsuccessfully attempting to pass for serious thoughtful commentary.