Monday, May 04, 2009

Ollie Being Manny

You have to be kidding me ...
"When he came out, Perez said that his knee had been bothering him all season. Asked which knee, he paused and looked down. 'The right one', he said."
Because while there's a list for injuries, there is as of yet no sanctioned list for incompetence. Hence, the "injury."

So let me get this straight: The Mets are going to put Oliver Perez on the DL for what looks like a conveniently invented injury, and they misdiagnose the real ones???

Mike Pelfrey takes up a roster spot and the Mets lose Darren O'Day because they deem a DL stint isn't necessary for tendinitis, but Oliver could go on a two week paid vacation for an ERA which is a bases loaded walk to Jamie Moyer short of ten? I, as usual, am confused.

(Editor's note: Darren O'Day, since stepping off an airplane and giving up a game winning hit to Kevin Millar in Kason Gabbard's jersey, has two holds and has given up nothing of significance to the opposition. Omar Minaya will regret this. I already do.)


Schneck said...

I think Scott Boras figures into this somehow. First, Perez is willing to work on things in the minors. Then, he is not willing to go down. What happened in between? Its got to be Boras with perhaps a little sprinkling of the union as well. DL and rehab looks better on paper than dropped to minors for sucking.

Hazeleyes said...

Grrrr. Ollie is being selfish and the team are being wusses.

Faking an injury is the lowest.

And can this be anything but fake?

Demitri said...

"Quick! Get Jay Horowitz to calm him down before he talks to the press. We don't want to appear stupid (again)".

Ughh. Are other teams run this poorly?

And really, has pitcher ever figured it out in the bullpen? What happens if he gets lit up for an inning? If his problems are mental, its the last place he should be. I thought even Buffalo was too much pressure, that he needed to spend a little time in a Sand Gnats uniform to really get his confidence back.