Thursday, May 07, 2009

Even MacGyver Gets More Run Support

I'm starting to think that MacGyver had more to work with than Johan Santana.

I'm also starting to think that if you gave Johan a rubber band, some cellophane, and a three inch swatch of sandpaper that he could build an armored tank trained to shoot lasers at Jayson Werth.

The Mets lineup, meanwhile, seemed to go up to the plate against Chan Ho Park with rubber bands instead of bats, as they only managed one hit in six innings against him. (As the kids like to say: WTF?)

The good news, besides the Mets 1-0 win against Philly on the strength of a physical error by Pedro Feliz and a mental error by Werth (not to mention Carlos Delgado's blinding speed on the play) is that the lineup's pathetic performance against Park has bought him a few more turns in the Phillie rotation, possibly buying the Mets a couple more games in the standings as Park implodes.

But that's speculative. Hey speaking of explosions, let's see how Johan is coming with that tank:

Wow, Johan really can do it all. Very nice.

Oh, and I guess they really couldn't take Oliver Perez's musings in the dugout, as he's finally on the disabled list with patella tendinitis (it's the fanciest name they could come up with to confuse us into thinking that this is an actual injury). Jon Niese takes his place on the roster and will start on Friday instead of Ken Takahashi. If Niese does well, then perhaps you can call him "Ollie Pipp".


MetFanMac said...

The issue of Santana's run support has officially entered the area of ludicrousness. (Beforehand it was just ridiculousness.)

Unser said...

Here's what I don't get. Tatis had two hits against Park in Philly yet Reed gets the start last night? Fernando hits - he needs to play more. Maybe tonight at 1st base?

number15 said...

unser- i'm not totally down on jerry, but i'm really disappointed in some of his timing on some of these decisions. castillo is hot, he sits. church has a good game, hit the pine. castro has two hits in the game, bring in the 3rd string guy. i thought jerry was going to reward productivity but he has made a lot of headscratching moves this year in my eyes