Friday, May 01, 2009


The only sure-fire way to get David Wright out of his funk.

Here's a closer look from the enhancement department:

Just in time for the Phillies series.


BRBRCK said...

well played, sir.



Schneck said...

The solution to all of the Mets problems just came to me. Camouflage uniforms! Seriously. If the runners can blend themselves into the field, the batters can more easily convince themselves that their hits are meaningless and, thus, doable.

On another note, what is the over/under on the NY tabloids quoting Bobby Valentine on his opinion of the current state of the Mets and his willingness to come back to the states? said...

Maybe the Mets should all wear bloody socks or something. It worked for Curt!

Caryn said...


You remain a genius.