Thursday, May 07, 2009

Passing The Savings On To Bill Welke

Four saves in four days? Heck, last season's Mets couldn't get four saves in four weeks. Surprising since I fully expected J.J. Putz to get the call tonight after he got the rest on Wednesday night. So Frankie Rodriguez? Money well spent indeed as he finished off a two game sweep of the Phillies on Thursday.

But really, it's five saves in four days as Frankie not only saved four games, but he also saved Bill Welke from well deserved scorn. I mean, can someone explain to me how Jose Reyes gets obstruction called on him for being elbowed in the ribs by Shane Victorino, who went out of his way to find him like he was Mark Gastineau chasing Brian Sipe?

And I don't want to hear about how smart and crafty Shane Victorino is. He's a baseball war criminal, and needs to have one put in his ribs for that next time, whether the media agrees with it or not. And if the Mets are not allowed to read the tabloids anymore, then who cares what they say anyway ... Good Vibes! Hey, If Larry Andersen can call for Jose Reyes' head, I can call for Victorino's ribs. Would anybody else on the Phillies have tried that besides the Flyin' Hawaiian? Maybe there should be a rule put in place named after him like a certain hockey player had for him.

Welke? Awful. And that's not even taking into account the blown call on the double play earlier in the game. That Jayson Werth home run should have never happened, and Frankie probably should have never been in the game. But because Welke fell for Victorino's "crafty play" (somehow I figure that Angel Hernandez taught him everything he knows), Rodriguez had to make yet another appearance, successful though it might have been. The ironic part is that Snoop Manuel hitting Welke with the bill of his cap while arguing the play will get more attention from the commissioner's office than Victorino's elbow. Oh well, it'll be one or two less late inning Omir Santos substitutions we'll have to dissect.

Instead let's dissect good things, like four saves in four nights, Mike Pelfrey's good outing, and home runs at the new spacious home by the three players who need to get (or keep) going, Beltran, Wright, and Reyes off of Jamie Moyer, who is finally listening to what his mother most assuredly told him at some point and is acting his age. Complain if you will about no production against the bullpen, but again, the game should have never been that close.

And did I mention that Victorino needs a baseball in his ribs?


Anonymous said...

OK - so how do we make Welke's life miserable?

Terry Gilmore said...

My number one complaint about this team, as it has been since 06 is that they are a bunch of pusses.

Wright, too nice
Beltran, Puss
Delgado, Puss
Reyes, Puss

Reyes should have turned and thrown the ball at Victorino's head after that B.S. but in the post game interview he was all smiles, which I understand because they won.

This puss-ness can be traced back to Hong Chi Kuo's bat flip against John Maine.

Fight someone.

fink said...

agree with coop- first thing i thought to myself after seeing the replay of victorino make like sean avery was "douchebag". next thing i thought was "we've got a new #1 for the hate list"- though i was sad to see jayson werth lose his hard-earned spot at the top.

that call was a total welke conspiracy- tim welke at 2nd base had an even better view at that cross check than his brother bill did at first, and didn't say a thing. bill may have been shielded a bit by reyes, but tim was only about 20 feet away in a perfect line behind victorino. i've got to believe that there was no way he was going to reverse his own brother's call, especially after scoop's previous trips to first base.

BRBRCK said...

I've got it! We manage an area somewhere around Citi, our own little "Mannywood" as it were, and we'll call it "Fight Club" (or, you know, something clever and original, i'm cool with either) and we'll just chant "Fight! Fight! Fight!" all night, non-stop, regardless of the action on the field.

It's a matter of scientific fact that males past a certain age (10) cannot resist a good "Fight!" chant.

Our luck though, Johan would probably dropkick David Wright simulatenously breaking all four of their legs. Although I would be able to get some reading done this

number15 said...

a ball in shawn victorini's ribs? ahh, if wishes we horses... balls don't seem to be in the mets gene pool. anyone remember when brad penny struck out shawn green and then got all in his facial features for supposedly stealing signs? i believe penny was in the batters box the very next inning (against john maine if i'm not mistaken) and absolutely nothing. this has become a recurring theme

kjs said...

Nothing nauseated me more than seeing Wright hug HGH'd Howard (it'll come out in time, don't worry) at the 2006 HR Derby.
Then in 2007, we had to "honor" Manny Acta as the new manager of the Gnats with Randolph clapping for him as he brought out the lineup card personally with Acta , a team that went on to beat us way too often in 2007 and 2008.
I'm looking at you, Johan, to put a ball in Victorino's steroidal-raged neck. In Philly. And since I'm not being controlled by the FCC like Larry Anderson, thug announcer for a thug team, I have every right to say this and wish for it.
No more Mister Nice Met!


Everybody on metsblog who isnt calling victorino a cheat is saying it is good clean fudementals (reyes in the baselines blahblahblah)! WRONG!!! When being called out at second on an interference call it is because either it's bush league or cuz the player couldn't touch second base! now pause the tape when victorino turned around and draw a straight line to where he was going...out of the basepaths and into right center field! The call was correct there was interference...they just called it on the wrong guy!!

Bluto said...

Hey, That's Baseball!!! Can't blame Victorino for cheating, it's part of the game...but so is payback. C'mon Jerry add a little edge with some chin music for Shane

Anonymous said...

A baseball at Shawn Victorini's ribs? That sounds too generous. If it were me, it would be either a flaming machete to his head or a boot in his groinial region. I'll let a coin toss decide this one.