Saturday, May 02, 2009

Health Notice

The Metstradamus crack staff has obtained an exclusive copy of an internal memo passed out to members of the Mets pitching staff following their extra inning loss to Philadelphia on Saturday:
To: All Employees
Re: The Strike Zone


We have conducted a thorough investigation and have concluded that the strike zone is not, I repeat is not infected with swine flu, otherwise known as the H1N1 virus. Players cannot be infected by coming in contact with baseballs that have passed through the strike zone.

In other words, it's safe to throw strikes.

There you go ... Sean.

You too Oliver.


kjs said...

Did anyone notice that when Beltran got that 2-out basehit with Santos pinchrunning for Castro, he played it like it was one out? He should have been off at the crack of the bat and scored easily, but shifted back on the path between 2nd and 3d to see if the ball would fall in. FOX showed it from one angle but didn't comment. SNY's postgame---no mention. No writer asked Manuel after the game. A poorly coached, non-communical team...

Eli From Brooklyn said...


Beltran's running habits have been a bit odd this season. Weird.

And good post, Metstra. You think Schneider went on the DL cuz he had his hand over the plate and caught the flu?

Speaking about swine flu, let's beat them Phillies today!

MetFanMac said...

You've got Green at #2 on the Hate List? That's a bit harsh. If any of several Mets HITTERS had done their job properly, he wouldn't have been an issue.

kjs said...

Please re-read my post. Beltran did fine. He got a single that should have driven Santos home. Santos DIDN'T run. SANTOS---in theory---helped lose the game. He was too dumb to know there were two outs. Beltran had a 2-out CLUTCH RBI that wasn't because SANTOS gave Werth a gift assist. I got through on WFAN and told this to Tony Page, who was clueless about this. Subsequent callers backed me up. SANTOS did not run. Beltran did what he was asked---get a clutch hit. The Mets don't scout, develop, watch films, nor COMMUNICATE on the field.

SmokinBiz said...

Good observations, not sure what is going on, or what the team is thinking as a whole, I don't see the same fire from last year or the year before.

Oh well looking for 2 out of 3!

Lets go METS. Hope the rain holds out!