Saturday, May 02, 2009

Drastic Measure

Forget the minors. Obviously, Oliver Perez has to learn all over again. Hence, staring tomorrow, he will be re-trained by wolves. Maybe the next time he pitches at home the Mets can offer one of those bailout plans like the car companies do where if you lose your job they make your payments for you. If you attend an Oliver Perez disaster, the Mets will pay for your psychiatric care.


SmokinBiz said...

I am sure Omar Minaya is kicking himself right now for not going with Lowe because of the 4th year he was requesting on the contract!

Hazeleyes said...

RaySkizzy: If Omar is NOT kicking himself I will be happy to run over there and kick him myself.

Coached by wolves... Interesting idea Metstradamus. He couldn't turn out much worse. Petersen couldn't fix him and Warthen is not having any luck either. He is either uncoachable or there is a physical issue that is not coming to light.

Or, like me, he plain can't pitch. However, via his agent, the wily Scott Boras, he has managed to make that a non-issue at contract signing time.

He should be down at Triple-A working this out since the Wilpons will never take a huge financial hit and release him. Bobby Jones retooled down on the farm in '99 and Tracshel did in 2001. I am sure they did not like doing it. There is no shame in it and they came back to be serviceable pitchers once more. Because of the huge investment the Wilpons misguidedly made in him he should do no less than they did. It would show some kind of commitment and responsibility at the very least.