Saturday, August 01, 2009

You Don't Ingest The Gift

Sean Green got himself into a sticky situation in the eighth inning ... hitting Justin Upton and walking Mark Reynolds to load the bases with nobody out. But then, Green's guardian angel handed him a "Get out of Jail Free" card as Miguel Montero grounded into the 3-2-3 double play.

Green promptly took the card and ate it. His guardian angel gave up and went to Blue Smoke.

Green's wild pitch immediately following the 3-2-3 double play was the deciding run in Friday's 3-2 loss to the Diamondbacks, part of baseball's second easiest schedule down the stretch that the Mets were supposed to dominate. Oh well, another plan gone awry. What else is new?

Ooh ooh, I know what's new: Livan Hernandez second guessing the manager for pinch hitting for him:
"I don't like to come out of games. But it's not my decision. They made, I think, a bad decision."
As was pointed out, Hernandez was pinch hit for by Angel Berroa, who's average was 17 points lower than Hernandez. Oh good, another washed up veteran who had one good night and has fooled Snoop Manuel into thinking he's got another Hollywood script on the roster. Awesome. Coming up next:

(... Livan Hernandez comes in for defense at first base in place of Angel Berroa ...)


kjs said...


---Ratio of CitiBank ATMs to Flushless Urinals at Wilpon's Folly: 2:1

---Ratio of cost of T-shirt at Wilpon's Folly compared to Modell's Clearance Section: 7:1

---Ratio of Mets on DL who are "to be activated soon" actually returning on time: 1:17

---Ratio of new curses kjs has invented in Section 512 in 2009 compared to Shea in 2008: 2:1

I.M. Forme said...

at least Green hit a Diamondback in the ball sack. I never saw that before.

mistermet said...

Don't worry Metstra...that gift will be back just in time tonight for Ollie Perez to rip it to shreds and then continuously throw it for ball 4 fifteen times in 3.3 innings.


(starts crying).

(really crying).