Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Country Time Learns To Love That Dirty Water

The saga is over ... Billy Wagner is a Boston Red Sock. The Mets, instead of getting the two first round draft picks through arbitration desperately needed to help resurrect the franchise, or even halfway decent prospects from Boston to help down the road, will receive two players to be named later, who will probably wind up being two guys named Sully and Fitzy that hang out in Cambridge on the weekends. Meanwhile the Red Sox will probably draft the next Ted Williams and Josh Beckett with the high picks they get, ensuring that they'll continue to be a behemoth for years to come.

But fear not, because the Mets will save more than two million bucks on Wagner's contract which will help the Wilpons stay out of hock for another three months. You want better players? Maybe you should have bought two Shake Shack burgers instead of one.

What a joke. An awful joke that's not funny.

Good luck, Country Time. It's been fun. Now play nice with Papelbon while the rest of us sort through the garbage in this never ending wasteland.


Unser said...

I hear Fitzy is a good drag bunter.

Distinct possibility that the Nats pass us in the standings thie year - then, we'll get some real high draft picks!

Never thought I'd say this: Daniel Murphy is now the biggest draw at Citi Field. A close second is the tacqueria place.

thomas jones said...

This will be a great addition to the Red Sox roster..!!

Joy Reed said...

I like the Red Sox, but I think their winning streak is over

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine Steinbrenner giving away a Hall of Famer still hitting 96 on the gun ... for nothing? Everyone recovers from Tommy John surgery... Metstra is spot on: this was all about cost cutting.

Anonymous said...

Billy Wagner is a Hall of Famer?

metsfanincincy said...

C'mon down off the ledge, guys. Billy would not have netted the Mets a single draft pick. No one (mainly because Omar wouldn't be able to) is going to give up a first rounder to pay a 38 year old coming off major elbow surgery millions of dollars. If the Mets offered arbitration he would have been financially forced to accept, as it would have been 4 times the next best offer. The Mets have done plenty of stupid things this year, but his was not one of them. Everyone recovers from TJ surgery, you say? I don't think there's a lot of history to say that about an old power pitcher.

Hazeleyes said...

Maybe it was about cost-cutting. But who, of value, will they sign with 2 mil? No one! That's who! They are lying to our faces when they say that the Madoff scandal would not hurt the team!

Whyever would the front office wait to get two good draft spots or even high-level prospects when we can get Nobody and Nothing Special down the road. Because we don't have enough Nobodies and Nothing Specials on the farm already! I am wondering if the front office is on drugs.

This team is wearing me out this season. Sure you can say that losing every top guy to the DL at some point is only bad luck. But I don't see how one team could have so much bad luck.

I tell you what it is! It is a new Curse. The ghosts of Agee, McGraw, Clenendon, Hodges, and all the rest of the dearly departed Mets came for a tour of the new stadium in the spring and got pissed off to see how their contributions were not recognized. How it seems like they NEVER existed. How it was all Dodgers, all the time. So they put a curse on the place and the team.
Because I can't see how so much crap comes down in one season without a little supernatural help.

Metstradamus said...

MFIC, That still doesn't excuse them for not getting better prospects back by paying the rest of CT's salary. If $3 million is making or breaking this team, it's time to sell this team ... immediately.