Monday, August 17, 2009

Check All Their Brains For Bruises

I didn't mean to be back so soon, but I finally got to read the actual quotes regarding the concussions of David Wright and Ryan Church that our fearless leader came up with today, so I wanted to relay them to you while underlying the fact that our manager is slowly becoming the Gangsta Art Howe:
"You have to be careful into stereotyping individuals. David is a different animal, so to speak. How he is made up is a little different than, say, Ryan Church, in my opinion. That's not to say that one is better than the other, but they're different. With Ryan, there was always something thrown from leftfield - 'We need to check that.' That made it somewhat difficult to evaluate that particular situation."
Check that ... Art Howe was never this petty. Clueless, at times. Petty, never. It took a beanball to bring out the truth but here it is. Laid out on the table ready for you to ingest and then puke.

So the question is this: What makes this different than the Minaya/Rubin situation? Well for one, Rubin was around to defend himself. Ryan Church is in Atlanta preparing for a rain delay, and probably never saw this coming.

Manuel was probably intending to pay a compliment to Wright, calling him "tough" and what not, but ended up blasting Church in the process, making him look like a sniping ingrate. Gee, maybe the "particular situation" was "difficult" because he had a freakin' concussion!!! Concussions, by nature, are difficult. And guess what, tough brains bruise in much the same way as brains that are "thrown from left field".

If Ryan Church was bad in the clubhouse, if he stole his teammates' iPods and programmed them to play only Leo Sayer songs, if he dangled babies off the roof of Citi Field, say so. Clue us in on the joke as to why he was such a bad guy. Until then, he's gone. You jerked him around, then you traded him. Let it go. And stop dancing around the issue and being all coy. It makes you look petty, and petty is not a good look. Petty, combined with absolutely wrong, is a fashion faux pas.

And people wonder why there's no faith in leadership.


Krup said...

I think Church's evangelical zeal might've been the culprit in the clubhouse (

Krumbled Kookie said...

Well said.

James Allen said...

I don't know if that's the issue, but if that's the reason, i.e. that Manuel can't deal with religion in the clubhouse, he should give it up, because it's all over. To note an obvious example, Gary Carter was one of the most obnoxious bible-thumpers there ever was, but somehow, managers dealt with him. Church may very well be a fundamentalist bigot, but the manager's job is to win games, not worry about philosophies; you play the best players you have. Period.

Demitri said...

I didn't think is was possible to make this season any worse than it already is.

Thanks, Jerry. I stand corrected.

dawn said...

The Washington Post article was from 2005! Don't you think if Church was bothering teammates with his beliefs you may have seen some hint of it somewhere? Jerry Manuel is a classless, self-important, condescending jerk, and he owes Ryan Church an apology. If he comes out with anymore Church-bashing, I hope Ryan quits being so nice about it and lets him have it.