Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pat Misch And The Opaque Sun

The day started with a rain delay, during which SNY showed a Mets Classic that started this way:
"The sun is shining bright, and the Mets come home as the best team in the National League."
That was May 29th, 2007. A stark contrast from August 2nd, 2009, where the day started by raining cats and dogs, the Mets not being best team in the National League, and being involved in a death struggle against the Arizona Diamondbacks for the seventh place spot in the wild card race.

Who knew the real depression would start when the sun came out.

Yup, the death struggle is now at 2-1 Arizona thanks to Jon Garland making the Mets his personal servants today. Nelson Figueroa is now asked to tie the series against Dan Haren on Monday, and he'll will likely need to throw the first no-hitter in New York Mets history to avoid being designated for assignment again, the fate that not only befell Figueroa after one start this season, but also befell Pat Misch today to make room for Figueroa. Misch received this reward for pitching so admirably over the past two weeks sitting by the phone waiting for Snoop Manuel to call over the past two weeks. The Mets have realized that they can acquire a lovestruck teenage girl with a Jonas brother poster on her wall to do that, and probably for league minimum unless Scott Boras is her agent.

In other news, Brian Schnieder needed a second cortisone shot to his knee as it struggles to hold the extra weight of Schnieder's beard, which is needed to add extra grit. He still has a way to go to match the forest that's growing on Tim Redding's chin, which had to be inspected by Citi Field security today to make sure that Tony Bernazard wasn't trying to sneak back into the park.

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gbaked said...

I watched most of that game they played (while flipping around).

It was the game where reyes gets benitez to balk 2wice to win the game in extra innings.

They played the whole thing... then in the 10th (or 11th? I was stoned) right after reyes gets on they cut to a commercial.

When they come back it is present day and it is Gary telling us the game is gonna start soon. Fun I think as I wait for them to play the last 2 min of the game... the real fun part where we watch benitez blow it.

but what do we get... another 3 min of commercials. No ending.

I mean... really? really SNY?

ugh... sometimes I hate this team