Thursday, August 13, 2009

Skeptic Tank

Experts say that you should be careful about what you see in players in April and in September. With the Mets season pretty much over, this is going to be the longest September in a long time. So it's okay to be skeptical about Cory Sullivan.

Two triples on Wednesday and some good looking defensive plays lately is like an oasis for this team, this time. But can you really believe what you see? After all, if you look at the new fangled way people are looking at defense these days, Cory Sullivan has UZR ratings that are negative ... as in less than zero. Last season alone, his UZR/150 rating was -58.5, and -111.9 in center field alone. Now I can't explain how one comes up with a UZR rating, but a numbers that low would basically make someone less useful in the field than Timmy Lupus. How do you get up in the morning at -111.9?

Those ratings are better this season, but still negative. I'm guessing this means that all these diving, running, sliding catches he's making ... Carlos Beltran would be camped under those balls for a couple of seconds.

But Sullivan is indeed making these catches, which is more than you could say for, say, Angel Pagan on Doug Davis' single (sidebar question for Snoop: How do you bench Pagan for making a dopey decision, but not Luis Castillo for making a lazy throw?) And besides, another way to evaluate a player is how they perform when the team they play on has been playing meaningless games since early June. Sullivan is a bright spot. To Snoop's discredit, there aren't many of those.

Now, let's hope that Sullivan doesn't go into next April undervalued ... or overvalued.


My bad:
"I don't know how David Wright has made it through the season healthy" -Metstradamus, multiple times over the past week.
I knew saying that was a bad idea every time the words came out of my mouth.


But hey, there are reasons to cheer up. First off, the Mets are wearing throwback uniforms this weekend that don't involve the Dodgers! Of course, they don't really throw back to anything the Mets have ever worn, but the fact that they're honoring the Giants and not the Dodgers is a small step in the right direction.

And hey, you might be able to see this weekend's games on the cheap, thanks to the Mets! Yeah, they're slashing ticket prices! The New York Mets: the Crazy Eddie of Major League Baseball. Awesome.


More cheer: You know it's rare that interesting things happen to two members of the Metstradamus Hall of Hate that end up on You Tube, but for those who haven't seen them, here's part one of the snicker parade, courtesy of NY Baseball Digest and Baseball Think Factory:

I'll never listen to his opening theme song the same way again ... "He'll get you the sports any way that he can." HA! He's getting a lot of flack for this on the web, but his pompousness has brought it on himself.

Shane Victorino, on the other hand, didn't bring this on himself. At least I don't think so:

Now, that's a very bad thing to do ... spill beer on a player. We don't condone that here on this website, even if Victorino is in the Hall of Hate by a landslide vote, and even if he is the devil. You still shouldn't spill beer on him.

(I did chuckle when it happened. I know, I'm going to hell ... oh what am I saying. Have you seen the standings? And have you seen that Pedro Martinez pitched five effective innings for the Phillies? I'm IN hell!!!)

My favorite part is the Phillies fan throwing peanuts at the Cubs fan after the beer was thrown. And the whole row got thrown out to boot.

Now remember for all you kids out there, this is not acceptable behavior. And if you enjoyed the previous video, you need penance. Donate to your favorite charity. Or, donate to Gary, Keith, and Ron's favorite charities by buying t-shirts and stuff. And if you use the code "blogger" before August 15th, then you can take 15% off of everything ... including tickets for the final game of the season where you can attend the end of season Gary, Keith and Ron event.

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MetFanMac said...

Well, the third base bag hasn't exploded yet, but...

"'There's nothing wrong,' a smiling Wright said. 'They're always too cautious with all of us.'"

"They" being the medical staff who probably can't tell the difference between a concussion and a fractured coccyx? Oh, Davey, you naive country boy, you.

James Allen said...

Re: Your comments on Michael Kay.

This is why that fake Michael Kay twitter page I mentioned a few days ago is so brilliant. So much stuff that comes out of his mouth either means absolutely nothing, or credits the Yankees or Yankee players for doing things as if no other players or teams thought of it first. He's condescending as hell as well.

He also has no sense of proportion. If you'll notice, on the twitter page there are running mentions of the holocaust; this is in reference to this classic meltdown by Kay on his radio show where he compares the admittedly silly but benign practice of not mentioning a no-hitter on the air while it's going on to segregation and putting people in ovens. Seriously.

Listening to this guy actually makes me lighten up on John Sterling, who at least is just a harmless dopey goofball who's in love with his idiotic "trademark" calls. Kay is just a dick. said...

You do some of your best writing at 1:55 AM.

Anonymous said...

phillies got more class than those midwest sissies.
what a chump.