Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Defenders Of Dead Carcasses

How do you know the Mets have hit rock bottom ... again? Well, not only have Met fans turned their anger into wild cheering for Andy Green at-bats, but even Mike Francesa' foundation of tweaking the Mets has collapsed on itself. He went on his simulcast today and told us all to leave the Mets alone. Mike Francesa!!!

My world is officially upside down:
"Enough, with the Mets! You don't have to, anymore, get the point across. (...) The Mets are like, you tied them to a tree and you just keep pounding them with their hands and feet tied. And you just keep beating on them, and beating on them, and beating on them, okay? It doesn't take any toughness now to beat on the Mets. They are like a dead carcass on the side of the road. We understand that. The year was a disaster, they've been terribly inept and terribly unlucky in the same year, enough! You gotta stop beating on the Mets ... The Mets right now could get knocked for anything. The Mets could cure cancer tomorrow and get knocked for it. (...) It's no fun picking on somebody when everyone's beating on them. Enough already, move on. The season's dead, it's over. (...) Beating on the Mets cannot be something that you think is any more clever, or tough, or a real strong opinion, to me its just piling on now. Get off the Mets back already! I can't take it anymore! (...) There's nothing left, I mean how about just everyone just back off a little bit and move on, I mean enough's enough, jeez. You can't tell me you like it anymore, it's gotten to be sickening."
For the record, I still like it. It's fun. Besides, if you don't keep reminding everyone how inept the Mets are in this age of ADD media, people will forget and move on to stories like Brett Favre coming back (or Brett Hinchcliffe).

For example, it was revealed today that Neil Diamond's musical career was sparked by the departure of the Brooklyn Dodgers. To which I reply: "Now we know why the Mets insisted on playing Sweet Caroline all these years."

See Mike, isn't piling on fun?

But Mike's moratorium on Met bashing lasted about 30 minutes, at which point he blasted the throwback uniforms. So I guess not all is wrong with the world after all. I, for one, am relieved.

If you'd like to hear Francesa's entire rant, play the video below:


Joe Cook said...

Tonight's game was the first time I made it to Citi Field. If I wanna mock and boo the players, I will all I want. Especially when Jerry Manuel removes all the semi-legitimate Major Leaguers early in the game, while moving Wilson Valdez and Anderson Hernandez (who apparently forgot he has to throw the ball to a base for a groundout to take place) around the field (and leaving Jeremy Reed and Cory Sullivan on the bench for whatever sins they've committed against him). And while Ryan Church has a night with 2 doubles and an RBI (I admit I stood and clapped for him in each of his at-bats), Jeff Francoeur swings at 2 pitches in the dirt following Murph's lead-off triple, and then doesn't even put the effort in to try running to first on the 3rd strike. Church wasn't tough, Manuel? Well, he just helped destroy your team and keep the Braves in a playoff hunt, while you just got demolished again. And watching pitchers struggle with nobody ever getting up in the 'pen, and runners not even bothering to take 2nd on defensive indifference down by 13 runs -- What are you doing, Manuel, to get such great effort? You must be very tough on your players, indeed. the announcers have said all year, at least the food was pretty good.

Trash Man said...

I can't believe a pompous, arrogant egomaniac like Francesa would care about piling on. He just wanted to pile on, on another story.

I had to laugh tonight when I thought of your "Utilitarian" post of August 11 while watching the game. Snoop was trying to set the record for how many players he could play out of positon in one game. It was like musical chairs. They are DEFINITELY trying to have a team of utility players (and not much else).