Saturday, August 15, 2009

All You Mets Look Alike

Here's how bad it's been for the Mets this season: MLB Network, in hyping Friday night's start by Bobby Parnell, used a picture of Matt DeSalvo and called him Parnell.

Being mistaken for Matt DeSalvo when you haven't even made two starts in your career is a hell of an early time to hit rock bottom professionally.

With nowhere to go but up, Parnell fired six shutout innings and beat the Giants 3-0.

I guess when you wear throwback uniforms that throw back to a time and a place that never existed, and you take the names off the back of the uniforms, they all look alike anyway.

It's all right though. Because it's nothing compared to what ESPN did:

For the record, it took Parnell's grandmother to point out the mistake to MLB Network. So here now is the real Bobby Parnell with the real Bobby Parnell's grandmother:


Hazeleyes said...

Grandmas don't suffer fools lightly. I think maybe we should bring in Grandma Parnell and have her set the Wilpons straight on a number of things.

But really. ESPN using the Yankee logo for a Chicago Bears player? Not even the same sport! ESPN, experts on sports? Hmmmm.

tommy_calzone said...

Not just the yankees logo but is that a picture of REYES?

WTF bwahahahahahahahahahaha

It's no wonder I haven't turned my tv to espn in YEARS.

Metstradamus said...

Well ... the Reyes photo was my creation. But they did put a Yankee logo under Brian Urlacher.

Demitri said...

Have we not all been treated to the photoshop skills of Metstradamus for long enough to know when he's done photo modifications?

Metstradamus said...

Demitri, I'd prefer to believe that it means I'm getting better. But that's just my fragile ego talking.

Sue said...