Thursday, August 20, 2009

That's Hank Aaron Award Nominee Angel Pagan To You, Sir

The line from Wednesday's boxscore reads as such:
A. Hernandez ss-2b-ss-2b
It's brilliant when you think about it, switching him back and forth in the same game. Because, if Anderson Hernandez goes back and forth from shortstop to second base often enough, then on double plays he could just throw it to himself ... saving Luis Castillo that pesky task of covering on double plays.

Not that it would have helped in a 15-2 disaster, which was helped along by Bobby Parnell's "learning curve." Not that a curveball was called all night ... Omir. You have more than one finger, you know. Wasn't the point to help Bobby use all his pitches now that he's a starter?

I wonder how hard Billy Wagner is hoping for somebody to claim him off waivers? (Hint: Enjoy Tampa.)

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Schneck said...

Rumor has it that after Omar is reassigned and Jeff Wilpon begins assuming some additional responsibility he will actually be calling pitches as well so Omir will be spared these complicated decisions.

On another note, what's the deal with the Mets being sponsored by "VICTORINOx Swiss Army" and having it plastered over the scoreboard for us to be constantly haunted by that name and the irony of the product name? I hear they are considering a deal with "Burrellz HR Tacos" and "Chippery Grand Slam Breakfasts."