Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Does J.J. Putz count as two injured players since he frayed an entirely different muscle?

Does Johan Santana count as two injured players because he's Johan Santana?

That means the Mets lost four players for the season in one day.

Awesome. You realize that along with Oliver Perez's latest injury (why isn't he shut down for the season?), the starting rotation right now is Mike Pelfrey, Nelson Figueroa, Pat Misch, Tim Redding, and Bobby Parnell. And the lineup consists of players that even Livan Hernandez could shut down ... and probably will now that he's a National again.

Football season can't get here fast enough.


Schneck said...

Back at Shea, they used to have a new slogan each year with such classics as "Baseball as it Oughta Be" and "The Magic is Back." I think I have a suggestion for next year.. "It Can't Get Any Worse!!"

Debatable but it would work.

Anonymous said...

i prefer "we stink, but we will always have our rotunda"

Hazeleyes said...

Yes, Anon, we will always have our stupid rotunda.

How the heck does one team lose every key player to the DL in one season?

I am thinking too that if every Met fan chips in money we can release Perez and the Mets won't take as big a hit. It would be worth whatever price we would have to pay to get rid of him.

And I also think that Omar should go. I think our own Metsradamus could do the job better.

He couldn't do worse! : )

MetFanMac said...

It can't get any worse for the Mets because that would involve breaking most, if not all, of the laws of physics.