Friday, August 07, 2009

Springtime In San Diego

Seems as if the Padres have some things in common with the Mets ... if you believe the Pods' scout that told Gary Cohen and Ron Darling that their roster is littered with guys who belong in AA. That sounds mighty familiar.

The Padres are last in baseball in the following categories: Batting average, runs, hits, runs batted in (or, rib eye steaks), and slugging percentage. Oh, and they're third from the bottom in on base percentage. Livan Hernandez, sadly, turned this AA roster into the '93 Blue Jays on Thursday night. I'm guessing that takes some work. I saw what Livan was throwing, and I threw grapefruits that were harder to hit (and Jeff Francoeur swung at every single one of them.)

Congratulations, Livan. You got beat like a rented mule by the San Antonio Missions.

The only thing New York's AA roster could accomplish on Thursday was add another AA player who can't hit. But at least he's been here before and he has a lame nickname. Yeah, Anderson Hernandez will save the day.

This probably means the end of the Angel Berroa era in New York. As if I wasn't dying a slow death already, now I'll have to experience a life without Angel Berroa (sheds tear).

This whole season, from Snoop Manuel's "let's get everyone some at-bats" strategy to the roster that's straight from the 1997 All-Star game, is starting to feel like seven months of extended spring training ... only the weather sucks.

(No Mets were injured in the making of Thursday's monstrosity ... or this blog post.)


number15 said...

so much for 'selling the spare parts' ie livan, sheff, & co. it's no longer worth talking about the team itself. i'd rather talk about how wayne hagin makes my ears bleed. i haven't found the proper forum to bring that up so i'm doing it here

Schneck said...

Since we seem to be in a recycling mode, I noticed that Bruce Chen got a win the other day. Being that he's on the upswing, we can use some pitching.

James Allen said...

Nice to know that Omar is so creative that he, once again, reacquires one of his buddies (Anderson Hernandez) for pretty much no reason.

I know it's a nothing deal, but it merely shows (once again) that Omar's vision is severely limited, and his obsession with players he's had before will never end.