Friday, August 07, 2009

Justice, Persistence, Courage

FLUSHING, NY - The New York Mets today announced plans for a new addition to Citi Field that will address the fans' wishes to acknowledge the rich history of the franchise. The brand new "Angel Berroa Rotunda" will be a tribute to the values and tools that Berroa brought to the New York Mets during his time in New York.

"This rotunda is going to be spectacular," said former Berroa teammate Joe Randa while choking back tears at today's dedication. "This ensures that future generations will never forget the contributions of a great man and a great shortstop."

Berroa won the A.L. Rookie of the Year in 2003, beginning a journey that would ultimately lead him here to New York for fourteen games that would define a legacy.

"At my stage of life you're looking for permanence, you're looking for things that sure up the future," said manager Jerry Manuel via conference call, who managed Berroa with the Mets. "When kids and families and children walk through that rotunda, I hope they're going to reflect on not just what they see Angel Berroa accomplished, but also think about themselves and say, 'What am I doing? How am I recognizing a curveball? What was my lifetime batting average against the Diamondbacks?"

The Angel Berroa Rotunda will be located at the new centerfield entrance, and will contain images and memories of Berroa's time with the Mets and with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who moved from Brooklyn in 1958. Berroa, who was designated for assignment on Thursday, could not be reached for comment.

"Today's announcement and the ceremonial groundbreaking for this new addition to Citi Field represent the latest milestones in the significant progress and development of the Mets' new home," said Jeff Wilpon, Senior Executive Vice President and COO, New York Mets. "Angel really affected everybody in the organization during his time here, and we thought it was appropriate for our new home to reflect that."

The club provided digital renderings of some of the highlights of the Angel Berroa Rotunda, due to open in 2011:


Joe H. said...

Great job John. Cracked me up. Maybe they can work on a Jon Switzer memorial.

Anonymous said...

good stuff as always.

G-Fafif said...

I don't see a restricted escalator. Is that because Angel Berroa didn't believe in separating human beings by ticket level before they reached their seats, or because with Angel's wings one needn't use an escalator (thus explaining how he handled those dugout steps so nimbly)?

Regardless, this is a beautiful structure, and it is only detracted from a little by the fact that Angel Berroa actually played for the New York Mets. Honoring such a man really goes against what this organization stands for, but we'll let it slide

For now.

Demitri said...

Fantastic idea, as long as we can also add a fitting tribute to Alvaro Espinosa.

Anonymous said...

Genius as always. How do you do it day in day out?

Anonymous said...

I will go to a game at Citi Field Stadium through the Angel Berroa Rotunda.

James Allen said...

To bad Berroa didn't play left, then the Mets could've debuted an "Angels in the Outfield" plaque. Would've brought tears to my eyes. (Not for the plaque, but for the onions they'll be peeling in the "Joe McEwing Bistro" nearby.)