Thursday, September 03, 2009

Purple Thong

Even the former Yankees resurface to laugh at us

What's that? A quality start from Tim Redding? Someone call the cops and block off the street it's party time!

Oh, never mind. The last block party we had included a pinata. And the Mets' lineup couldn't hit that anyway.

Jason Giambi could sure hit that pinata pretty well, can't he? Scared to death of another bases loaded walk in the eighth inning, Brian Stokes threw a pinata to Giambi with the first pitch in a tie game and Giambi, obviously wearing the infamous golden thong, smoked it into center field for another Mets loss.

The two most notable things to come out of this night are Carlos Beltran's rehab stint, a 1-for-3 outing in Brooklyn, where he'll play the field on Thursday. Beltran's rehabilitation is already ahead of Moises Alou's, who tried to come back in Binghamton and lasted about an inning. So this is good news.

The other news coming out of Wednesday is David Wright going from the one flap child tracker to the two flap model while pinch hitting, making him look more like the Great Gazoo than ever. But it was the extra precaution that concerned me. You see, the Mets are making every effort to ensure that Wright has no more problems, and the protective gear will not be limited to the batters box:

That's right, the Hospital for Special Surgery has recommended the Elizabethan Collar for Wright, making sure that he won't suffer another concussion, or lick near the spot where he's been fixed. He'll be wearing it the rest of the season, in the field, the dugout, and at autograph sessions:

Here, kitty kitty kitty.


Schneck said...

With the success of David Wright's new helmet, I hear they are introducing an entire line of equipment to go along with it and prevent further injury and/or allow players to play with any injury...

Sassdawg. said...

Free Koosman

Anonymous said...

Beltran's ready! Base hit in the first to drive in a run and when the game was on the line with 2 runners on, 1 out, and down 2 runs in the 8th, he struck out. Seems like he's ready to me. Also its good to see it's a franchise thing as the Cyclones have also choked away a division lead of 4 1/2 games in a week, right at the end of the season.

Subway Squawkers said...

Great Wright photos - I linked to them on our blog: