Saturday, September 26, 2009


Cory Sullivan strokes what will forever be known as the least fun game winning hit in major league history

I wish I could say that I could feel some satisfaction in potentially eliminating the Marlins from the playoffs after what happened the last two seasons. But sadly, there's none.

Alright, maybe a little. But with the Marlins' elimination number at four after Cory Sullivan knocked it down with a game winning two run single on Friday, there's pretty much zero chance that the Fish will be officially dead by the time the Mets go to Washington.

And even so, it's difficult to get over the fact that I've never seen a team have less fun than these New York Mets are having right now. And maybe that's a good thing ... how many people would be howling if they saw a Met laughing and yukking it up in the dugout? And I know most teams in their position would just be waiting for the season to end. But jeez, this team looks like Woody Harrelson is about to make them his Zombie Kill of the Week. I mean, there's some extreme lethargy going on here ... except for Sullivan. Oh, and Brian Schneider who alertly scored on a passed ball when David Wright refused to believe he missed the pitch, and Bill Hohn refused to signal anything even though it's his job to.

Speaking of Wright, hitters go through entire seasons without striking out after they've worked the count to 3-0. Wright did it in two straight at-bats. It's sad to see a man so mentally beaten to the point that he looks eerily like a man who isn't very good at baseball. But it's okay, because at least we know that David Wright is very good at business deals.

Sad that a great businessman plays for a team owned by alleged businessmen who have allowed themselves to be taken by a Ponzi scheme.


kjs said...

With 10 HRs, a pathetic amount of RBIs, a hole in his bat, and a fear of hard-hit balls coming his way, I hope the Artist Formerly Known As David Wright can start selling Golden Sombreros. After the INJURIES, he's really been the Mets' story of the year (Is he injured and covering it up? Is he off the juice? Is he psychologically weak? Is something going on off the field?), but the goodwill he built-up over the years has paid off quite well---he's not being thrown into a burning pit by the press a la a Jose Reyes or a Carlos Beltran if he had a dropoff year such as this.

I like David, I hope he comes back to early form, I hope he's a career player for the Mets if he does, but I don't want to see a "C" on his chest. a) He's not a leader; b) That's sooo Jeter.

As for the game, it was nice wallpaper. The key players playing 'spoiler' weren't even on the 2007-2008 collapse teams (Francouer, Sullivan, et al.)

Anonymous said...

I'll give Wright and these MUTS half of next season to set the course back on track. Then it's Bah-stan here we come! Watching that business video and learning about his investments made me feel that David's heart is lost to the dollars of his position (when he was a home run hitter) in the sport and maybe a $17 batting tee (a la Mattingly) is just so old for him. He's lost his mind and boots balls regularly that maybe he should try soccer!