Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You Can't Turn Away

It was the first game of the rest of our 2009 lives.

It would have been easy to turn away, to not care. And I had the perfect excuse, being at Two Boots Tavern for pizza, beer, and lotsa fun courtesy of Messrs Prince, Springer and Pearlman. I spoke at the end ... and regardless, everyone had a good time.

And yet, the lure of Mets vs. Braves was too much to resist at certain points, even with pizza and beer surrounding all of us, and the fact it meant less than nothing from a wins and losses standpoint, yet more than everything to, say, Josh Thole. With Tommy Hanson on the mound, we had to make sure that the Mets weren't going to be no-hit ... a possibility with the way Hanson has been pitching lately, and more of a possibility considering the way the Mets had been hitting lately. The answer to the eternal question: "What else can go wrong this season?" A no-hitter is the last answer left. So at certain points, everyone was still glued to their television screens. Thanks in large part to Daniel Murphy's two hits (and Thole's one), the almost inevitable was staved off for another day, and all we had to endure on the big screens was another ho-hum loss at the hands of Hanson and Adam LaRoche.

And that brings me to my tip of the day: When you're in public, whatever you do, don't even hint about making a joke at Daniel Murphy's expense. Just take the Volvo and drive the other way ... because people love themselves some Daniel Murphy and will fight to the death for him. Coincidentally, this lesson comes after a long discussion on a certain WFAN drive time show about the fascination that Mets fans have for Murphy, which must have put everyone on edge. All I did was mention the notebook after his second hit and people wanted to throw pepperoni at me. Stupid move on my part. (Mental note: stick to Bobby Bonilla jokes.)

The good news: The Mets now have 17 games left in 2009. And I can pretty much guarantee they're not blowing a damn thing.


Meanwhile, 2010: Road to Hell has been released (alternate title: next season's schedule). Get ready to buy your tickets as if you were buying airline tickets, except the food's better.


GM-Carson said...

As you know the New York Mets have been a walking catastrophe this entire season with injury after injury. More Hardball decided to photoshop baseball cards for some DL'd Mets: David Wright, Johan Santana, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Ryan Church, John Maine, Oliver Perez, Ramon Martinez, Alex Cora, and Jonathan Niese.

We'd appreciate the shout-out and will return the favor.


Ed Leyro said...

Hey, the Mets can still blow fourth place. The Curse of Lima Time (Mets not winning anything since Jose Lima was let go in 2006) is still alive. See blog below: