Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Five Going On 27, And One Going On Forever

How do you know you're not having a good September? How about when you're on the verge of losing your fifth game in a row, and already you're being tangentially compared to Anthony Young by the announce crew?

The good news is that with most of his future already in the past, most likely he isn't going to get a chance to get near 27. But that's the way the cookie crumbles when you're Nelson Figueroa, it's 2009, and David Wright is continuing to have horrible at-bats with men on base, and making fielding errors left and right. No wonder Met fans can't wait for the season to end ... they're just taking a cue from their leader, who seemingly can't wait for this week to end either.

Last season, we didn't want to end. But it did ... and with it came the end of the road for our home, Shea Stadium. Yesterday passed the one year anniversary of the final game ever at Shea. If there's one thing we've all learned as we look back with some distance between us and Shea, I hope it's this: The talk about leaving all those curses behind at Shea, that it was somehow the park's fault, that it was Shea that held all those evil ghosts in it that caused the Mets to lose in horrible, horrible ways, and that tearing it down would fix everything, and cleanse everyone of the dark chi that had enveloped us all? All crap. All of it. By that logic, there's about ten parks that need to be bulldozed if every ghost will indeed be eliminated.

If Shea was indeed a living, breathing mechanism with a soul, it certainly would be having a nice laugh at all of our expenses up in ballpark heaven with the rest of the dearly departed.


Unser said...

I switched channels to watch the national parks documentary on PBS last night and actually found it far more exciting than the Mets-Nats game.

You like those commercials begging fans to come out to CitiField for the fina homestand? Laughable.

The Metmaster said...

You can see every inch of the field in the picture taken from the stands at Shea. What a concept! Paying for a ticket and getting to see the whole field. Brilliant! Thanks for the memories. I miss that old dump.

dyhrdmet said...

I'd like to know what that representation of Shea is in the first image. i can't tell if it's a fancy cake or some blow-up thing (like I bought at Shea a few years back). either way, it looks like it was done very well.

i think the thought of Shea having a soul and laughing in ballpark heaven has crossed my mind this season too. shea in ballpark heaven probably also got a kick out of outlasting its younger cookie-cutter siblings.

even though you're a day late, i like when my fellow bloggers are honoring the anniversary of Shea's last game.

Hazeleyes said...

This has been the least fun season I have had baseball wise in at least 10 years. Usually I can find some redeeming factor -- this year I can't.

I am glad it is almost over.

And even gladder I did not spend a dime at the new palace. Unemployment has its perks -- like no money to watch a team stink up the joint so regularly.

I don't think this team is cursed in a cool voodoo way. I think it is cursed by incompetence from the top down. And sadly, we will be cursed with Manuel, Minaya and Jeff Wilpon for the foreseeable future.