Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heroics In A Vacuum

Had it meant anything, it would have been an instant classic. Then maybe somebody from Philadelphia staying in New York for the weekend would have to endure an airing of Saturday's game on SNY over the Christmas holiday as a InstaMet Classic, just like I have to endure repeats of the Phillies pasting the Mets whenever I go to Atlantic City.

Instead, we'll just have to deal with the consolation that David Wright's two home runs, the last one being the two-out, two-run top of the ninth shot to give them a 10-9 win, put him right at the team lead in dingers with Gary Sheffield. Surely, flashbulbs will be going off in the stands with every David Wright swing from here on in anticipating David taking over the club lead ... an important milestone in Met history.

Too bad Mike Pelfrey missed all of it, as after his horrible outing in which he coughed up a four run first inning lead, he changed into his running gear, left the clubhouse, ran around the Citizens Bank Park parking lot seventeen times, beat up five Phillies fans, ran up the Rocky steps, beat up the Rocky statue, ran to Geno's to pick up cheesesteaks for the team, beat up Geno, ran to the Liberty Bell, rang the bell, beat up the bell, then ran back to the clubhouse, ate all the cheesesteaks, then beat up Ken Takahashi when he found out he missed everything including Frankie's knee buckling pitch to Jayson Werth. Then he beat up Frankie Rodriguez.

Anger management is a bitch, isn't it?

In an unrelated story, Brian Schneider says he doesn't expect to return to the Mets in 2010. He came to this conclusion when he found out that his locker at Citi Field was donated to a youth baseball league, and that he had to use Jerry Seinfeld's mold infested suite to dress and store his catching gear. That, and every time he falls asleep on the team bus, he wakes up at a Motel 6 in Kansas City ... and they don't even leave the light on for him.

Oh, and the only batting helmets left for him are those Gazoo helmets that Wright doesn't use anymore. The signs don't get clearer than that.


James Allen said...

Too bad it didn't mean more, but it was nice to see David Wright have a great moment and, however fleetingly, stick it to the Phils one rainy September afternoon. This is all we have left, unfortunately.

As for how they are going to break it to Schneider, I think Omar is going to take him in the woods on a "hunting" trip. Either that or the Ol' Yeller treatment. Might even bring a tear to the eye. poor Brian (sniff).

Good thing we got "New Brian" (Thole), he's cute and all, but don't bat him against those mean lefties, guys who throw over 80 mph, or after 9:00pm. That yungin' be 'fraid of the dark.

Unser said...

Is it naive of me to look at yesteday's game as giving me SOME hope for next year (Beltran and Wright hitting, Frenchy showing some heart, etc.)? Granted, we need starters 2 through 5, but let's not nit pick.

Pelfrey has been nothing short of a disaster this year.

Demitri said...

Metstra, you really need to consult me to fact-check any Philly related post. Its "Geno's" and the Rocky statue isn't at the top of the Art Museum steps. (They usually only drag it up there for the filming of Rocky movies).

It was recently moved from its place at the sports complex to the foot of the Art Museum steps, to the grassy area at the base. This is so that nimrods who come to visit Philly and run up the museum steps, and curse that there is no statue there (never once actually considering entering the the Philadelphia Museum of Art), don't get horribly disappointed.

Anyway, great (but meaningless) win for the Mets. Its nice to see the Philly fan squirm that they cannot close out games. I posted a trade proposal on a local blog: K-Rod to the Phils, for Happ, and their entire minor league system.

At this point, I think they'd take it.

kjs said...

Pelfry beats up Phillies fans? I wish.

A stretched joke.

He can't.

He can only beat up himself.

Most Mets do.

Perhaps it comes from a Yankee-ized fanbase that boos everything they do (until this season collapsed and all the frontrunners ran back to the Bronx.)

Perhaps it comes from a NYC media that reinforces every negative or creates new ones.

Perhaps it comes from having a reactionary Fat Bastard on their own own flagship station given 35 hours a week to spread disinfo that pleases the YES channel so much that that particular time slot can only be aired on the YES propaganda network when he's on. Wouldn't weant a Met fan or an impartial wonk on the Mets flagship station during drive time, would we now?

Perhaps it comes from their own network doing "trade Jose Reyes" rants 24/7/365, yammered on by a giant, bald-headed Texas Rags fan.

If you want to trade Reyes, you're insane. Period.

Getting back to Pelfrey. I'll give him a pass this year. If he were Koufax, the Mets would still be a sub-.500 team due to injuries. He may have a Verducci-effect hangover. He definitely needs a sports psychologist. And if his 2010 season sucks, he definitely is a bust and should be dumped.