Saturday, September 19, 2009

Plans Laid Bare

"No glove, and we win the game." -Jeff Francoeur
Damn Doug Allison and his buckskin mittens.

Francoeur announced after his latest frustrating final at-bat that he was leaving the Mets to join the Newtown Sandy Hook Vintage Base Ball Club, where they don't wear gloves. Frenchy hopes the move will help raise his on base percentage by about 300 points.

Your bare hands are no match for my stick of death!


kjs said...

I don't understand the Bill Jamesian Frenchy hate, Metstra. Is he great? No. Is he overrated in the field? Yes---he has difficulty judging balls hit in the gap and needs a few weeks of coaching on that.Was I amazed at the laser he hit off the top off the devious walls last night? Yes. The guy is playing with a torn ligament in his thumb. You try it. Me? I couldn't even open a can of soup if I had that type of injury. So he walks about 30 times less than the average player over 1000 at bats. DEVASTATING! WWBJS? (What Would Bill James Say?)And when he ripped the glove off the Nats pitcher's hand in what could have been the game-winning hit, he showed the passion to win in the dugout. (Have you seen DWright ole or run away from every hard-hit ball that coming his way to third the past few weeks without a word said against him?---now that's an issue, a major issue for 2010.) Francouer's one of the few players on this pathetic, apathetic Minaya/Manuel mess that actually gives a rat's ass.

Metstradamus said...

Oh come on, that had zero to do with Bill James or statistics or anything of the sort. Frenchy has found two disgusting ways to lose a game. I know if it were me I'd send myself to the nearest looney bin, or the nearest no-glove baseball league. Seriously, how many guys are out there getting three hits a game and still run into the worst luck?

You should know me well enough to know by now that if I was ripping Frenchy I would have been more open about it than that.

kjs said...

I was just ranting in general, Metstra, about how Francouer is perceived in some parts of Metsville, not per se on this blog. I used your blog entry as forum to essentially kick another popular Mets site that serves Francouer as well as the so-called "teabaggers" serve Obama---with pure, irrational bile. That was MY mistake. Being he just slammed his second double of the day, they probably have 28 of their brilliant sabermetricians trying to figure out how to spin his production into a fluke and VORP-on orgasmically for the brilliant promise of that aging Ryan "40 RBI" Church.

That particular blog is the true comedy blog in the Mets community. FatDog must ghostwrite for it.

Sorry for the misunderstanding...

Metstradamus said...

No apology necessary. Frenchy is one of the polarizing figures of Americana.

dawn said...

kjs, Do you really think Frenchy came through the Braves organization with no coaching, so the Mets can fix his defense with "a few weeks of coaching"?

Mostly, I'm really amused at the number of Mets fans who are enthralled with Francouer's play now, but loved to bash him when he was a Brave.