Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pizza, Beer, And Baseball (In That Order)

Don't forget boys and girls, tonight at Two Boots Tavern is the final installment of Amazin Tuesdays where Jon Springer, Greg Prince, Jeff Pearlman, and some hack who has no business being a part of that group (me) will guide you through what is sure to be another Mets loss. But don't let the fact that the Mets have been mathematically eliminated get you down. Instead, let's celebrate all that is ... Mets baseball. That is, let's celebrate the fact that no longer do we as Mets fans have to stress out over how far back we are from a playoff spot. Because as Tripper Harrison says, it just doesn't matter. Besides, who needs to deal with pesky playoff invoices anyway? So let's have ourselves an elimination party and drink 'til we eat 'til we drink, 'til we eat some more, uh ... let's party!!!

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