Friday, September 18, 2009

While Others Spoil, The Mets Are Sweeteners

Nice of the Mets to improve everybody else's playoff hopes since they really haven't had any since Shea still stood. Thursday night's embarrassing effort helped the Braves out as they completed their sweep of the orange, black and blue (in that order) putting them four and a half behind the wild card leaders, and dropping the Mets all the way back to 1965.

The big news came before the game when Gangsta General indeed pulled Bobby Parnell from the starting rotation and put him in the bullpen for the last two weeks of the season, while still holding fast to plans to have him start games in winter ball. Makes perfect sense to me, because as you know long term plans are for suckers. Winning games is the ultimate goal, a goal that the Mets have executed veeeeeeery weeeeeeell in September.

And don't you find it funny that now, now, when the season is out the window, we're worried about putting the best team on the field to win games, as opposed to worrying about getting Gary Sheffield and Fernando Tatis at bats. Nothing backwards about that at all.

Snoop then went on to continue citing injuries as the reason that the Mets can't seem to spoil anybody else's September, even though everybody else seems to spoil Flushing Septembers when injuries aren't a factor.

But the best news/speculation came of the night came courtesy of these guys:
"Andrew Marchand of ESPN 1050 NY radio just tweeted that an associate of the Wilpons says they might not spend at all this off-season. He went on to say that his source said that the only way to get the Wilpons to spend will be public pressure."
Oh great. Way to formulate a plan and stick to it ... unless of course the press is bad. Maybe with all the extra money they save perhaps the Wilpons can buy themselves a spine. And maybe they'll have some left over to splurge on a clue for Manuel.

Public pressure? Oh please let this be true ... because this is the most hysterical thing I've heard. And it fits, doesn't it? The only way the Mets put a picture of Ed Kranepool up in the hallway was because everybody bitched and moaned about it. But somehow I think it's going to take more than me typing "spend spend spend spend spend" on this blog over and over again to get the Wilpons to put money into the product. No, I'm thinking about ten thousand of you showing up at Citi Field in November carrying pitchforks and torches, dressed as bankers.

And mind you that Jeff Wilpon, who'll only do stuff if enough people complain, is the guy who wants to make more of the day-to-day decisions. But if the payroll really is frozen, he's just going to make the same decision over and over again:
Nope, can't afford him. See if Hernandez is available.

Which one?

Does it matter?
Ooooooh, I can't wait for the off-season! Giddy!


MetFanMac said...

I have had a small voice in my head for the past few months advising me to ignore baseball completely in 2010. That voice is growing louder.

James Allen said...

I was trying to think of a term to describe what the Mets are doing this time of year and "helpers" wasn't quite cutting it. Your "sweeteners" fits perfectly. (The Mets surely are a splenda team! Ho ho ho!) But they are much more than that, they are the sweetener, the cream, that little twist of lemon rind they put in a cup of cappuccino, the after dinner apartiff, a good cigar, and a nice comfy pair of slippers.

As far as upper management goes, we're heading into Dolanesque territory here. As much as Omar and Manuel have been generally incompetent, their check signer has quickly outstripped them. I weep for the future of this organization.

Waiter, more coffee. With a double sambuca.

King Metropolitan said...

I don't think it took a rocket scientist to figure out that the Wilpons were standing pat this offseason. I never understood the Mets fans who were giddy about the possibility of having in the upwards of $40 million to toss around in the free agent pool.

Find me some credible evidence that the Wilpons aren't reeling from the Madoff scandal still, and I'll find you a pig that can fly.

Anonymous said...

We're not the Knicks.... yet.....

Hopefully we don't draft some unknown guy from Eastern Europe, who has no plans to come to NY and had no idea he was in the draft in the first place (as the Knicks seemed to do for a few years in a row with their first pick)

number15 said...

if this was organized, i would be on the citifield fanwalk screaming at the top of my lungs with the 20 or so other people who'd be willing to join me. i'd probably leave my flaming torch and pitchfork at home, though both would serve as fitting representations of the underworld that we as supporters (read: detractors) of this franchise live in

Schneck said...

After years of being a partial season ticket (6 and 7 packs) holder and this year foolishly getting the Friday plan, I can say that I am finished with package plans. I can't say I'll stay away for a year since the orange and blue runs in my blood (no matter how many transfusions I get to lose it) but I am done buying packages. I hope that many follow suit as that would send some kind of message to our money hungry, foolish, clueless, useless owners.

The Metmaster said...

As a fellow Friday night plan holder I am anxiously awaiting that call from the New York Mets asking whether I am going to re-up for 2010. It will give me much pleasure to tell them where to stick their ticket plan. Stub Hub will be awash with tickets next season. Why anyone in their right mind would commit to a 2010 ticket plan with the Wilpons running that goat rodeo they call a team is beyond me. Speak with your wallets Met fans! It's the only language the Wilpons understand.

number15 said...

and to metsmaster's point, i have already told all family members that any mets-related christmas gift is to come from ebay,and i prefer coal to citifield tix unless it's in a luxury box with lotssssss of free booze

DAK442 said...

Ticket Sales for 2010 are going to be a fiasco of Benitez-like proportions. Who the heck is going to drop a bunch of dough on an overpriced package of too many games, half of which no one wants, once the Citifield novelty wears off and the team has little hope?

Their only hope is a huge acqusition, but the Wilpons can't afford a free agent and the GM isn't smart enough to fleece anyone in a trade. It's not gonna be pretty.

Joe Cook said...

As long as people grumbling and public opinion is going to make decisions, I think it makes sense for the Mets to have some Grandstand Managers Nights like Bill Veeck did years ago. People who have never even been to a game before couldn't have any less of a clue than Jerry Manuel. And it would give people something to do at the stadium in between eating Shake Shack burgers -- since there's no real reason to watch the team on the field otherwise.

Anonymous said...

dear fred & jeff, if we lose every game the rest of the year, does manuel still come back??do u and jeffie come back..i hope the place is empty next year..