Monday, September 07, 2009

The Metseidon Adventure

The Mets' 4-2 victory over the Cubs was marred by yet another incident of another incident involving another water leak that turned into a tidal wave in the locker room. John Maine, who made his return to the clubhouse recently from injury, never had a chance.

Maine, unfortunately, drowned as a result of the latest mishap. He's day to day. The damage to the state of the art locker room will be around a little longer.

Oh, and that mold that grew in Jerry Seinfeld's suite? Yeah, it got a little out of control during the Cubs series.


Unser said...

The Post is really reaching on this one. These are problems just about every new large building has. Sorry, but this is an obvious attempt by the Post to level additional criticism on an easy target. Must have been a slow news day.

kjs said...

Screw Seinfeld! He's a billionaire.
There are flaws all over Wilpon's Folly.
Leaks? The roof in the Upper Promenade (a nice name for "nosebleeds") leaks because they never filled in the bolt-holes. But to the reactionary Post, those seats don't exist. Neither do the workers that sit in these seats with their hard-earned money.
Elevators? How about the thin, unsturdy escalators that break down constantly? There's a tragedy in the making, I fear.
How about the lack of rain shelter? The stadium---and 42,000 people---have to halt movement during heavy rains. Kudos to the Mets security for handling this difficult act of crowd control with good will and understanding of the fans' frustration.
These are fixable flaws, if the will is there. What can't be fixed are the wretched, obstructed views throughout Wilpon's Folly, as well as the minor-league capacity of the stadium to artificially boost ticket prices.
As for the wretched field design, the height of the walls, built to miniature-golf randomness, the insipid MoZone, the useless DETROIT(!) overhang...I'll have to live with that til the day I die.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has ever bought a new home, you know not everything is perfect and has to worked out with the builder. How much of this is normal or shoddy workmanship, I don't know.
As a kid, I went to the second game played at Shea. We were sitting in the upper deck way before the game started when a piece of siding lining the overhang crashed several rows behind us. If this happened an hour later, someone could of been seriously hurt.

The Wright Way said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog, and reading it.