Thursday, September 03, 2009

Role Reversal

I've been on that other side, Rockies fans. Really ... I have. Because last season Jason Marquis was the fifth starter playing for the team that had nothing to play for, and he hit a grand slam and helped put a nail in the Mets coffin.

Now, Jason Marquis is the ace. And he's playing for the team that actually has something to play for. I wonder how much Rockie fans will rue the day they lost to fifth starter Pat Misch (who am I kidding, we have five fifth starters.) While Misch didn't hit a grand slam, he did shut down the Colorado lineup well enough for his first major league win in his 55th major league game. David Wright's three RBI without the space helmet didn't hurt either.

I wish we could really get a gauge as to how this latest embarrassment of pitching riches is going to affect the Mets thinking in terms of the rotation for next season. Has Misch or even Tim Redding proven enough to be considered for employment in 2010? I hope that nobody is fooled into thinking that bringing these guys back and giving them starting slots is an acceptable way to save money next year. But Misch is young enough, shown enough, and has just enough upside (not Scott Kazmir upside, but y'know ... Jason Marquis upside) to be considered to have some sort of role next season. But everybody needs to be a little careful.

But who knows. Heck, Misch may have to be the number two starter at some point next season. Why? Because one day, Mike Pelfrey's going to go for another run in the parking lot after a bad start and not come back ... ever!

And when Pelfrey was running around the parking lot, he passed by Kris and Anna Benson having "relations".

Speaking of 2010, we also saw Josh Thole today catch his first major league game and get a couple of hits in the process. Here's hoping, within reason because he's a catcher, that he gets enough playing time to get his feet truly wet at the major league level. And conversely that the Mets don't fall under the trap of giving Brian Schneider the bulk of the playing time because the Mets want to sell tickets.

Although they may need to sell extra tickets to help Jerry Koosman get out of debt with the IRS. Boy, not even the 1969 team gets through this season unscathed. Tax evasion? What's next, Tom Seaver gets two years for smuggling wine to Italy?


Demitri said...

I forget who said this, but he described Pelfrey as somewhere between Eccentric, and batshit insane.

He just moved a few more feet to right on that scale.

I feel I need to remind everyone that Pedro is 3-0 since joining the Phillies, and just outpitched Tim Lincecum.

So when do we do some excavation work at Citi and dig up those Phillies jerseys? Its either that, or we need an exorcism.

MetFanMac said...

Run, Forrest, Run!

...Oops, wrong movie.

Schneck said...

I have no doubt that Pedro will come back next year and win the Cy Young award pitching for somebody other than the Mets, probably the Phils. Also, the Angels will pick up Victor Zambrano and he will combine with Kazmir for 47 wins. After Papelbon suffers a season ending injury in Spring Training, Billy Wagner will save 83 games and average 2.7 strikeouts per inning. Lastly, Carlos Delgado is signed by the Braves and hits 43 HRs and bats .308 to win the comeback player of the year. In the meantime, throughout the season, Reyes, Beltran, Maine and Perez look like they will come back any day now. David Wright is suspended for the season when his helmet tests postively for illegal substances.

Unser said...

I still love Koosman.

Check out today's Wall Street Journal - Anyone for a game of Metssloppily?

Hazeleyes said...

If Pelfrey is somewhere between Eccentric and batshit insane I am glad. This team needs someone to show some emotion.

I am sorry Koos got into some trouble. Where on earth he got the idea that only citizens of DC and federal employees had to pay federal taxes is beyond me. Because that was his defense. Maybe he is the one who is somewhere between Eccentric and Batshit Insane.

The season ends exactly one month from today.

For once I am glad to see the season coming to an end.

Demitri said...

Believe me, I have zero problems with eccentricity or batshit insanity. I kind of liked when he got all postal with Utley, but come on, keep it together on the mound Pelf.

Can we have at least 2 pitchers we can pencil into the rotation for next year? Or are we resigned to the fact that El Duque is going to be invited to spring training next year?