Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Record Holders

In an attempt to find a left fielder tall enough to rob home runs over the 16 ft. high Citi Field fence, the Mets recruited Sultan Kosen, the newest Guinness Book of World Record holder for tallest man on earth at eight feet, one inch.

Unfortunately, not even Kosen could reach Larry Jones' home run off of Pat Misch which sealed the deal on an 11-3 Mets loss in the second inning. Jones, along with Garret Anderson and Matt Diaz, reached the seats at Citi Cave, proving that maybe it's not the park after all. Meanwhile, Daniel Murphy hit his team leading 11th home run of the season.

That's team leading ... eleventh home run.

In case you were wondering, the team record for lowest home run total to lead the Mets is 12 in 1977 ... another banner season in Mets history. Level swings, boys ... time to make the record books just like Sultan.


MetFanMac said...

Seriously?? Holy cow, that's TERRIBLE.

Schneck said...

Albert Pujols hit 14 home runs in the month of June. We can't get 14 home runs in a full season. If the Mets keep this up, it will only take about 75 years for any of their players to threaten the all time home run record. Is there a drug that has the reverse effect of steroids. It's time to test the Mets.