Friday, September 25, 2009

The Show Is Not Over Yet

Hey, good news for you Mets fans: The 2009 season hasn't been a complete loss. Our very own Oliver Perez has reached the ultimate in athletic achievement: He's made the cover of a video game! It's Playstation's newest version of "MLB: The Show" due early next year, and the developers have installed some tweaks to the game to showcase Ollie's strengths:

It's simply the most realistic game out there, period. You can rehabilitate all your favorite players!

(Editor's note: A Jose Canseco arm bash goes to one of the regulars, James Allen, for providing the spark for this. Note to all commenters: I'm not above stealing your ideas. That "creative commons license" you see at the bottom of the page? That only applies to me. So there.)


Hazeleyes said...

This is hilarious.

I think it would sell.

Met fans, this season, have pretty much had a semester of medical school. A game where we could rehab our players ourselves would be great fun.

If Wii could put it out we could do actual surgery onscreen our own selves with our handy dandy remote controls scapels and flanges.

You may be on to something, Metstradamus. And in life, the first one to the patents and copyright office wins.

James Allen said...

HA! Even funnier than I could've imagined. I feel (sniff) touched actually. Glad I could give you something to run with (lord knows if I asked Angel Pagan to run with something he'd wind up somehwere in the middle of a runway at LaGuardia looking really really confused.)

You forgot one key component, though, the special controller with the big red CORTISONE SHOT button. Use pretty much anytime you have absolutely no idea what's going on.

Schneck said...

That's awesome. You forgot to mention the 'Injury Denial' button. Player has a concussion? No problem, just deny it. Of course the probability of your player running to 3rd instead of 1st increases each time you use the button.