Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hey You Were Right Willie, This Champagne Really Does Taste Sweet!

What a scene it was in the Mets lockerroom after finally winning a game for the first time in close to a week.

The banners were hung from the lockers with care as this meaningless win was sponsored by Budweiser.

"All right, I saved my job! For tomorrow."

"Woo hoo! I can't believe it David ... I got a clutch hit!"

"Hey Jose, who's this Nick Evans guy? He's not half bad! And his OPS is already higher than mine!"


MetFanMac said...

Seriuosly, who IS Nick Evans? Where's Fernando Martinez? Bah, he only went 3-for-4, he's a bum, sendim back down ;-)

This reminded me of Carlos Gomez's debut last year!

Anonymous said...

Actually, at the moment Nick Evans career big-league OPS is 2.250, which I think is over 1.000 points better than Babe Ruth, so Carlos has nothing to be ashamed of in that department...

katherine said...

I hope Carlos D is not celebrating too much. He was obviously swinging for the fences every at bat yesterday. Reminded me of Barry Bonds last year when he was going for the home run record (*) and not bothering to try and help the team at all.

Nick Evans, without his baseball cap, looks EXACTLY like James Dean.

Unser said...

Now that's just cold. . .

Glad Willie thinks its funny, with the machetti analogies.

And what a novelty - call up a young player performing well in the minors. A guy who's under the age of 33. So that's why we have a farm system!

Have I mentioned I hate Atlanta and I hate the Braves?

tim said...

Greatest post this season. I laughed and was much better than cats!

Today tells the tale, does Willie sit Delgado against the lefty (after he embarrassed himself against Francis) and let Evans fit into a platoon role, 'cause Delgado shouldn't see another lefty all year long—whether Evans is on the big club or not.

Not sure we have a farm system, its more like a produce stand.

Mike said...

its funny