Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Lumber For Everyone!

No sooner do I wax poetic on Flushing University about Carlos Beltran being the guy who most needed to get out of his slump, he drives home five runs in a 12-6 victory in Game one of their doubleheader against Cincinnati. "Take that, stupid blogger who writes in his pajamas!"

With the help of the other Carlos and his three hits today (a triple short of the cycle while hitting seventh ... yeah, like Carlos Delgado is going to hit a triple), the Mets have scored 12 runs in two straight games. Of course, they do this for the two best starters on the staff ... meaning when Mike Pelfrey comes to the window tonight to make a withdrawal, there will be nothing left for poor Mike.

But a more important victory for the Mets today was that Moises Alou and Fluff Castro were active together for the first time this season.

If Orlando Hernandez and Pedro Martinez ever play a game with those two, then Satan can finally use that parka that he got last Halloween. (Preferably this happens during a game where Carlos Delgado hits a triple.)

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