Saturday, May 03, 2008

Desert Elixir Redux

So I'm thinking of a title for this entry ... and I thought of "Desert Elixir". Hey, that works. They're in Phoenix, they play well in Phoenix, and a win was just what they needed.

One problem: I already used it.

It's amazing how no matter what year it is, how good the Diamondbacks are (and they're good), how dysfunctional the Mets are (that's up for debate), or how the planets are aligned. The Mets just stroll into Arizona and go nuts. And they go nuts in much the same way they always do, which is to score runs in the first inning (here's how dysfunctional I am, I was hoping that Micah Owings would get knocked out in that three run first inning so that the Diamondback lineup would get weaker.)

So instead of just rehashing the old jokes about putting a swimming pool and a roof in the new Citi Field (I've given up that crusade), I'll just say the following: a base hit through Orlando Hudson's legs, and an error on David Wright on a bad hop? Who was the official scorer last night? Heath Bell's dog?

Did anyone notice on David Wright's home run that Eric Byrnes jumped for it about ten seconds after the ball was already in the stands?

Nice catch too by Wright in foul territory. Looked like he kept his feet in bounds too.

Moises Alou returned to action last night. Nothing was re-injured ... unless of course he went looking for food in a cab with Filthy Sanchez after the game. Here's a handy guide going forward:


katherine said...

It would not surprise me to hear Moises had had a herniated disc, in addition to all his other injuries, but I believe his most recent injury was in inguinal hernia, wasn't it? Just delete this comment if I am wrong, or being overly pedantic.

Metstradamus said...


I'm sure you're correct. I would have never been able to spell "inguinal" though. Besides, I could always hide behind the following statement: "I saw it on Wikipedia" (which I did).

myteamrivals said...

It is true, this team seems to really love playing in Arizona...maybe we could hypnotize them to believe they are always playing there???

Demitri said...

Lets see if this can carry over to today and Sunday.

They're on Fox which is normally a jinx, and Pelfrey vs Webb is not a good matchup. Looks like the perfect storm.