Sunday, May 04, 2008

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Steal 'Em!

I'd wonder if we could think of a way to keep Augie Ojeda out of the ballpark today on after his six RBI's crushed the Mets on Saturday. But the guys I'm thinking of probably have more important people in mind that they have to kidnap before all hell breaks loose.


Mike said...

I request that all the (non-existent) human beings who actually believe (i) Mike Pelfrey is a good pitcher or (ii) has any indication that he'll ever be a good pitcher please step forward and explain to me the support for that opinion.

Mike may well be a great guy, and I'm not sure anyone in MLB hostory has done more to make mouthpieces cool, but the fact is: He Sucks.

For parts of three seasons he strikes no one out, walks too many guys, and has never shown that he'll improve in these areas.

If and when Pedro returns, I hope they keep Figueroa in the rotation. He's not good either, but he's better than Pelfrey.

The Mets Police said...

Julio is waiting for Omar to call. If he justified a two year contract for a 47 year old, well I'm sure he could be a valued bench player.

I wouldn't hold my breath on Pedro. He'll probably have an amazing 4 innings before going back to being a soft-throwing .500 pitcher.

Santana & Maine, prey for rain.

myteamrivals said...

Pelfrey will be fine, he just needs to develop a second pitch.With the movement on his fastball, an effective off speed pitch would make him a passable 3rd starter in the ML.