Monday, May 05, 2008

Range Rover

Even before the play where Ryan Church turned Pedro Feliciano's throwing error into a living breathing broken rule (never make the first out at third base), Ryan Church's range helped save the day. When Johan Santana had loaded the bases in the sixth with two outs and the score at 2-1 Mets, and Chris Young hit a flare to right field, Ryan Church hustled in to make a running catch to end the inning.

Not the most spectacular play in the world, and not one anyone will talk about, but let's face it: If that was Shawn Green, he would have tripped over his hat, been hit in the head with the ball, and two runs would have scored while Carlos Beltran watches in horror. But with Ryan Church there, it's not a problem, Church, along with David Wright and his phenomenal tag on Church's throw in the eight, won Sunday's game for the Mets.

Side note: apparently the Mets had Presidential candidate John McCain sit in on the SNY broadcast booth for a half inning or so. Some real world busywork took my attention away from the inning, but I'm not sure I would have had the sound up anyway. See, I prefer not to have politics with my sports (kinda like having ketchup with my ice cream) ... especially when I could turn to any 24 hour cable news channel or network news show if I want to hear anything about any of these candidates. Certainly, there's been enough out there in the past four years ... and one of the reasons I watch so much sports (whether it be baseball, hockey, football, or freakin' underwater dart throwing) is to stay away from any and all mind numbing political coverage. And believe me, I don't particularly care whether it's a candidate I like or one I'm not particularly fond of. I don't want them in my sports booth whether it's a convenient interview (he just happened to be there) or not.

But I'm glad about one thing: Since the Mets had a "great patriot" like John McCain in the broadcast booth, I guess the guy who cries about liberal mutts and great patriots every other post on this site now has his cue to shut up.


And that's the straight talk.

Ha ha ha ha, I love it!!!


Anonymous said...

It was embarassing. McCain clearly knew almost nothing about the sport. After hearing all weekend how the mets had taken 13-14/15-16 games from the DBacks, he went on to explain what a wonderful rivalry the two teams have. Wonderful for the Mets, I guess.

Anonymous said...

When a presidential candidates favorite player was Ted Williams (and actually watched him play!), that person is obviously too old to be in any political office let alone , lead the country.

MP said...

It was awkward. Like mentioned above, it was clear McCain knew little about the sport...he does love Eric Byrnes though. Go figure.

katherine said...

I am suspicious about the anti-liberal ranter. I bet he is a left-wing Volvo-driving Swarthmore professor wearing a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches. He is amusing himself with his tirades and their artfully misspelled words. Creme Brulet? A redneck gets the Creme right and the Brulet wrong? I think not.

And Ryan Church IS THE MAN!!!!!!

Dan in Texas said...

I had to watch the other team's broadcast but I agree with you on this. I am willing to go a step further, I don't like politicians, actors or any other guests in the booth. I just want to watch the game. Ex-Mets and Ralph Kiner should be the exception.

I wonder if Kieth had a say in any of it, being a Republican.