Saturday, May 24, 2008

Zen 'Till The End

How elegant is the morning sun
Shining on the rafters and eaves.
How cool are the terrace and pond after the rain.
I burn incense to break the deep silence,
Drink the spring water and relax in joy.
When the mind is at ease and spirit is at peace,
Understanding is gained.
There is nothing left to comprehend.
Who can say that the realm of Tao is far from us?
How tranquil it is
Like the beginning of Heaven and Earth.

Sitting at home tonight during the Mets' 6-5 13-inning loss to the Rockies was when I realized it. After all of the dopey things to happen: Marlon Anderson's hamstring exploding ... Ollie Perez's gazillion pitches in five innings, and then starting the sixth ... Fernando Tatis hitting a home run ... Billy Wagner giving up the first earned run of the year to send the game to extra innings (everybody else has screwed up this season, what makes you so special, Billy) ... Jose Reyes getting picked off second base by a shortstop which had just entered the game after Reyes hustled for a double in the tenth ... Reyes then risking getting thrown out of the game arguing a third strike which would have forced Fluff Castro to play shortstop ... Willie Randolph actually coming out to protect Reyes ... Aaron Heilman pitching a good inning in the 12th ... then losing the game in the 13th because he refuses to throw a strike against a hitter the size of Kate Moss ...

(Side note: home plate ump Mark Wegner deserves points for using great restraint, because he could have easily chucked Reyes but didn't, perhaps knowing the Mets precarious situation.)

It all came together in a flash. All the losses. All the heartbreak. From this year, last year, and all the years prior. I don't need to list them all, you know them all by now, you know them all by heart. It all ... became ... one. And then, became nothing. These competitions don't matter anymore. I, my friends, am one with the higher truth ... that this team stinks.

And it's all right. Because when that base hit dribbled into right field to win the game for the Rockies, I simply laughed. And then I walked away. Things are so bad, they're actually good. I have reached Zen and I am cleansed.

My mind is truly at ease.

My spirit is truly at peace.

Understanding is indeed gained, for there is truly nothing left to comprehend.

Who can say that the realm of Tao is far from Willie Randolph?

How tranquil it is.

Like the beginning of Heaven ... and that little piece of Earth known as Coors Field.

Spring morning on the lake:
The wind merges with the rain,
Worldly matters are like flowers
That fall only to bloom again.
I retire to contemplate behind closed doors,
A place of true joy,
While the floating clouds come and go
The whole day long.


upstate met fan said...

This is strange. Somehow I feel the same way. I'm at peace with it.. I'm not kicking my dog after a met loss anymore. What I would like to see now that Willie will be fired, is bringing up Carp or Murphy.. maybe a glipse of Fernando and if Bobby V is not coming to Shea, then get Backman or Carter. I think with all these moves we will have a much better 2009. I can finally take a break from the yelling and screaming.

side note--- The Braves' "hustle" was impresive during that 4 game sweep.

fantasieryck said...

this team isn't worth getting upset about. this team isn't worth getting excited about. this team isn't....a team.

what's to like? perez and his untreated bi-polar disorder? heilman's sneer? willie's tepid, year-old pre-recorded spiel? jose's tiresome, bitchy mood swings?

enough! i can't believe i'm talking like this in may...but look at what we're dealing with! can you blame me?

then again, i'm sure there's some rah-rah, self-actualizing go-getter out there all set to tear me a new one for giving up so early, but please-save your breath. go waste your time on more nobler pursuits.
a badminton set, perhaps?

i can only hope the losing continues, so i can enjoy the last game at shea in peace with my father(he was at the first game in 64', and i'd like to take him as a birthday gift).


fantasieryck said...

...and the addition of this wayne hagin character in the FAN booth only makes listening to the games more painful.

is the nyc metro area that small in terms of broadcasting talent?

his tangents are grating.

Willie's "Gut" said...


As a phillies fan I must say congratulations on your general manager lending his support to willie randolph!

I hope Willie gets a lifetime contract to manage your New York MUTT$$$

I am having a great time watching this MUTT trainwreck!

Life is good!

Anonymous said...

not even the vapid taunting of a philly fan can bother me- after all, we won the same amount of playoff games last year...

Unser said...

I hate ruin the Zen moment but, after reviewing the Reyes' pick-off last night several times I am convinced that Fuentes committed an obvious balk, and I am completely shocked that NO ONE, not Willie, not Gary or Keith, or any reporters I've read this morning, have EVEN MENTIONED IT. He started his wind up, went towards home and THEN STEPPED TOWARD FIRST (although no one was on first), STOPPED, AND THEN TURNED TO THROW TO SECOND!!! He did not start the wind up and spin in one motion toward second. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE TO ME!!!!

That said, they again deserved to lose. The line-up is dead from the neck up. They make bad decisions in the field. The bullpen is bad. Say bye bye Willie. I'd be shocked if he's still here on June 1.

katherine said...

I'm with you Metstradamus on finding a new way to enjoy this season even if our team is BAD.

I had to work today so I went to bed after Jose got picked off. Thank God I did, though I'm not as upset this morning as usual. Must be that Zen tranquility kicking in.

Fantasieryck - I am enjoying Wayne Hagin - he brings an outsider's perspective which is OK by me - he seems to be truly perplexed by the team's attitude and performance. And I kind of like his old fashioned, midwestern, Dudley DoRight way of talking.

Unser, the radio announcers also did not mention the Jose pick off as a possible balk. That would really be awful.

I tuned in to the TV announcers long enough to hear Keith call the Rockies catcher, "Torre-abbla", twice.

I'm still rooting for Willie. But I think he needs a miracle now.

tim said...

I also saw the balk. Umpires have gotten away from calling balks to the point that they are almost extinct. Andy Pettite balks everytime there is a runner on first whether he goes to the plate or first. His move works opposite, but umpires let it go early in his career and now are not about to call it a balk today. Its unfortunate.

A note about the Braves: I don't understand the hatred we have towards them, there only playing baseball the way we want the Mets to. Let's show a little zen when it comes to them and demand the same level of effort from our guys from the front office on down.

Anonymous said...


Just for clarity, you can't "reach Zen" or "show a little Zen", you can reach for the Three Jewels of Zen Buddhism (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha) or you can show understanding of Zen Buddhist teachings. Hopefully the benefits of these practices are peace of mind, which it seems, as much as we try to brainwash ourselves, we are not experiencing collectively.

I attempt to be a good practicioner of the living dharma but these Mets make it very difficult.

I'm not at peace with losing again, it's only May!

I think Willie will be gone if we lose the next few games, maybe we should consult the great spirit of Mr. Hodges for guidance.

Where's Tom Seaver!? Help us oh wise one!

tim said...

Semantics. And Seaver, I know the guy is the best pitcher the Mets ever had and all due respect and all that, but he's like a drunk McCarver.

thouarthailjohan said...

It is strange...I am usually an ardent Met Fan...after these past years of heartbreak, optimism, and sheer pain, I have reached a Zen like point as well. I put on the TV today to see Church up at bat...clutch situation...down by three...and he strikes out. 4 pitches...blown away by the fastball...and the guy is 3/6 off Cook...he couldn't even TOUCH the fastball...and that's the season for ya, just missing a lifeline, barely missing it, but not there. I have always wanted Willie to get fired...but in all retrospect...even with these "racist" comments by him, this team is completely unmotivated. Even Lou Piniella could do crap with this's not fair to us Met Fans to pay top dollar to go into Citi Field with so much talent but so much pain...but now as a person who is close to achieving Mets Nirvana (where the only moment I can remember is Mike Piazza chucking that bat at the Rocket)...I'm not pissed anymore. But I wish I could get excited on what was supposed the year and the time...again...