Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sunk-o On Cinco

Art Howe would probably say that Oliver Perez battled.

Then again, Art Howe would probably say the same thing about the moth that met its demise at the hands of my bedroom light bulb.

It only matters what Billy Wagner thinks at this point. And I can't imagine that Wagner would have a disparaging word about Ollie's effort on Monday night. After all, he did go six innings and saved the bullpen from everything except two innings. Of course, the six innings Ollie threw weren't particularly good, but we're in the realm of lowered expectations at this point for Perez. Five runs in six innings? He didn't have his best stuff, as evidenced by the bombs he gave up to Rafael Furcal, Blake "Don't Call Me Joyce" DeWitt and Matt Kemp, but in this era of lowered expectations for Perez, eating innings seems to be quite enough.

Hey, at least he battled. More than you can say for the Mets lineup, which did their best to help celebrate the 4,000th game in the history of Dodger Stadium by coming up with a single run (and don't worry ... if you didn't know you were watching a game at Dodger Stadium, SNY took every opportunity to mark the occasion with nice little vignettes scattered about the broadcast to help remind you). The same place that brought you Willie Davis, Orel Hershiser, and Hong-Chih Kuo, now brings you Chad Billingsley's second victory of the season, in which he ironically had 4 K's in Dodger Stadium Game 4K.

(Speaking of which, Dodger Stadium is supposedly undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation. For some reason, that includes trees and a big plastic deer in the bullpen. Because as you know, nothing says "Los Angeles" like the woods. Seriously, who gets paid to think of these things?)


G-Fafif said...

"Battled"...geez, I'd actually gone at least a year without recalling the signature song of Art Howe. For those whose sole frame of futility reference is 2007, they should count their lucky stars for what they missed.

But yeah, Ollie battled. A real Matt Ginter he was.

Mudville9 said...

Perez is a thrower, not a pitcher. He gets away with what he does because of his stuff, but lets face it, he has no idea where the pitch is going when he releases it. He has no control whatsoever. Thats why you see so many walks and so many fat pitches. He just reels back and lets it loose and hopes that it goes to where the catcher wants it. Because of this he will have his good days and his bad ones, but like others with no control, he'll have more bad then good. I think the Mets should just face it, that he had a career year last year. Its a good thing Boras is his agent, kept the Mets from making a big mistake of signing him long term.

Demitri said...

Are the hitters "scuffling" right now. I'm going to vomit if I hear any more Howe-isms.

The bullpen should be decorated with a tribute to brushfires, mudslides and the occasional earthquake.

Or they could do a plastic surgery pavilion sponsored by Access Hollywood, the only TV show proven to kill brain cells.

Anonymous said...

I like the mets! They are my favorite team! I root for them all the time. I have been to many games and I cheer when the mets score many points and win! It is my dream that one day they may win a chompionship!

Metstradamus said...

Oh good, you brought that personality back. Joy.