Friday, May 16, 2008

A Cold, Damp, Train Wreck

The train wreck that is the 2008 Subway Series, featuring the last place Yankees and the dysfunctional Mets, has been washed out tonight. The one pitching matchup that clearly favored the Mets, of course, is postponed until ... well, we don't know yet. If there's a day/night doubleheader tomorrow, Willie Randolph has already said that Johan Santana will start the day game, meaning that the Yankees could put Andy Pettitte on afternoon duty while creating an Oliver Perez vs. Darrell Rasner matchup at night.

(However, the game will not be made up over the next three games, according to the Yankees press release. Meaning that Alex Rodriguez will get to play four games against the Mets rather than three, and that Johan Santana will go against Andy Pettitte rather than Rasner. Great, another "break" the Mets get.)

Speaking of Willie, if you heard him on WFAN today, boy did he sound agitated and teed off or what? He may not show much fire towards umpires, but as long as he saves his agitation for Mike and the Mad Dog, you know what ... that's all right with me.

So instead, I'll be watching that classic rivalry between the K.C. Royals and the Florida Marlins. (When Jack Norworth wrote "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", that's the matchup he had in mind.) My wife notes that on any given day, there are more people in our living room than there are in Dolphin Stadium. But to that end, during that broadcast they announced that there will be a news conference tomorrow (Saturday) morning at the site of the Orange Bowl. So it looks like the Marlins are going to stay in South Florida after all and get their new stadium. Hopefully some fans will follow.

More importantly, Lisa Lisa and Stevie B will be performing after the Marlins game on May 24th. The bad news is that there was no mention of Cult Jam.

Just another exciting Friday night at the Metstradamus house.

(Oh and one last thing about Wagner-gate: Billy, a f***ing Pats hat? You're from Virginia. Come on!)


JAMMQ said...

Randolph's anger sure is understandable considering how many games Mike & the Mad Dog have cost the Mets this year.

Maybe opposing players, coaches, and umpires could wear Mike & the Mad Dog masks during games, because it's the only thing that seems to wake Willie up.

The Metmaster said...


I'm sorry, but again I have to say you are wrong. Yes, these are grown men and professionals, but the message that Randolph sent by keeping his hands in his back pocket letting one of his most experienced and best hitters get tossed was "you're on your own boys". If he's not going to defend them, then who is? Sure the rules state that Alou's actions warranted a potential thumb, but a manager getting in the ump's face might, just might, let an umpire know that he's not on his game at that moment and that the next batter(s) might profit. I don't think Randolph understands that part of the game. Baseball is very black or white (excuse the metaphor). It's fair or foul, strike or ball, out or safe. But there is a lot of gray too. A bad call, brought to an umpire's attention now, might result in a benevolent call later. But there is such an extensive body of evidence against Randolph over the years that now demands his dismissal. All you have to do is count the number of times we've heard "we're too good a team to be losing like this" from any number of players. That clearly lands at the doorstep of the manager and is the most damning of evidence.
Maybe a night off due to Mother Nature wasn't such a bad thing. Perhaps we'll all take a deep breath and see what's important. On the other side of the world there are potentially a couple of hundred thousand people dead this week. That sucks.

Anonymous said...

willie is a lowlife loser and a coward. No wonder he is the 'leader' of the meandering Mutt$!

The Metmaster said...

So is anyone surprised to find out that Jeter wears women's underwear? And a thong at that!

katherine said...

I couldn't resist googling "derek jeter" and "thong underwear" to research Metmasters last comment. I just hope my teenage son doesn't see this in my google search history.

Anyway, I found the article, and I will just say that the mental image of Jason Giambi, wearing a gold thong, is so distasteful, to put it mildly, I am going to have a hard time getting that out of my mind.

But, never mind, gametime is coming up, LET'S GO METS!!

And, just to annoy you all, YAY WILLIE!

The Metmaster said...

Maybe Willie can borrow it....

nym73 said...

Where is our "Anonymous" Yankee-slurping douchebag friend today after his team of scumbag steroid cheats and cross-dressers fell the the hated "MUTT$"?? Probably hiding in his mom's basement somewhere. Loser.

p.s.: nice inning, Joba.

Anonymous said...

on, enter "jeter." the definition is telling. for the yankee troll, one needs no dictionary; he's a sociopathic bore.

Toasty Joe said...

I like the 4th definition on there. Made me laugh out loud, even if it is a bit dated with the reference to Sheffield.