Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It Just Makes Sense

The Washington Nationals came into Monday's game against the Mets third from the bottom in the N.L. in batting average, second from the bottom in batting average, and at the very bottom in hits.

So of course they come in to Shea Stadium and drop ten hits and ten runs. Sure. Makes perfect sense.

Also makes sense that the hit that broke the game open belonged to the ghost of Lastings Milledge, a two run double off the top of the left field wall which turned a 6-3 lead into an 8-3 blowout (After which he high-fived the coaches, the fans, the ushers, the security guards, Gary Cohen, the parking attendants, the hard hats at Citi Field, the drivers stuck in traffic on the Grand Central, and the bellhops at the LaGuardia Airport Marriott. And then Bob Raissman wrote a 3,500 word essay on how Lastings Milledge hates babies and makes small animals cower in fear.)

You know what else makes sense? Odalis Perez. Lost his last eight starts? Hasn't had an RBI since 2004? No problem. Come to Shea and not only get the win (while giving up 11 hits in six and a third innings ... eleven hits), but get three knocks and two RBI's. Outstanding.

Odalis Boggs.

And you know what else makes sense: a Met complaining about another team's ... celebrating! Oh the sweet, delicious irony.

"They were cheerleading in the dugout like a bunch of softball girls," Figueroa said, ignoring gender equity to get his point across. "I take offense to that. ... That's why they are who they are."
But it didn't come back to haunt the Washington Nationals tonight ... did it, Goose? Is that what true Nationals do?

Of course, you know that Nelson Figueroa's comments will fire up the Nationals to win the next three games of this series. And then the bastions of our society ... known as talk radio hosts ... will all say that Figueroa shouldn't have said anything to fire the Nationals up, just like his team's dancing fires teams up, his team's celebrations fire teams up, and basically all forms of eating, walking, and breathing fires teams up. It's all your fault, you evil Mets! Why can't you be more like Joba Chamberlain?!?

Makes perfect sense to me.


E said...

Let's go Maine-y Lets go clap clap

katherine said...

I would characterize what the Nationals were doing as taunting, as opposed to celebrating. And it seemed designed to rattle the pitcher. I think it was Elijah Dukes who did it - at least that is what Keith said, isn't it?

I was furious, and I generally don't mind players' celebrating.

I am amazed Manny allowed it.

katherine said...

Oh, and can anyone recommend to me a fun, pro-Mets sports bar in Manhattan to watch a Saturday afternoon game?

Timothy said...

I actually thought the cheering looked like fun. Sure it got annoying after a little while, but this is a last place team playing on a miserable night that had a good rally going. Why not cheer each other on. If a major league pitcher can't tune that out he doesn't deserve to be in the major leagues. Maybe we can trade Nelson Figueroa for Elijah Dukes.

demitri said...

This is a bizarre season. I really don't know what to make of this team. They're having a hard time against the lesser teams. It really makes you question whether, mentally, they are as into it as say, when you face Hudson and Smoltz on back - to - back days.

I know figgy was bound to come down to earth at some point, and granted, with a good pitching performance, 4 runs should have been enough.

Unser said...

I am hearing this right? They're sending down Smith to make room for Thursday's spot starter, who will then be replaced by Matt Wise?!?! So, we're demoting one of our best relievers and keeping Sosa?!?!

Someone's gotta explain this one to me. Sosa may picked up off waivers by another team? We should be so lucky! This is absurd! An ERA of 7 and we're worried about losing this guy?

Anonymous said...

Odalis Boggs sounds like a name you get in a computer baseball game that generates players by randomly pairing up first and last names

Toasty Joe said...

Katherine, try Back Page at 84th and 3rd.

katherine said...

thanks, Toasty!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Figgy was released after the comments. No doubt on performance versus what he said or how he reacted to the Nationals cheering. But interesting. I guess he is who he is. We'll see him again in another three or four years as the local boy comeback story at the tail end of his minor league career. Nice while it lasted. I heard Sosa is gone as well.

MetFanMac said...

A sad postscript to what started out as a dream 2008 for Figueroa... oh well, c'est la vie.